Nintendo’s ‘Ever Oasis’ Is Caught Between High Adventure and Headache

'Secret of Mana' director Koichi Ishii's new game never finds a sweet spot, however cute its looks and sublime its music.

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I’m only a few hours into it but really enjoying it so far, taking it at small chucks at a time.

Definitely some enjoyable animal crossing vibes in there!

I only played the demo and I think that’s probably Enough for me.

It amuses me that you apparently have to be convince people to settle down in The Only Safe Place In The World?

I agree about the pacing but 17 hours in and I’m really enjoying this game. In particular I like how every mechanic that COULD annoy me has been addressed and refined, which is rare for this kind of game.
Someone(s) really sat down and asked themselves, how can we make this game less tedious?
Some examples: crafting station tells you how and where to get all the indgredients. Fast travel to town from anywhere and back. You can assign villagers to garden or gather materials.
Probably helps that I enjoy micromanaging to a certain degree.

A friend of mine compared it to Legend of Mana, which offended me to my core.

I kind of wanted to try it but I’m getting a lot of opinions in this vein and it’s put me off. Alas. I also weirdly find the style off-putting even thought I love other cutesy stuff like Animal Crossing or Fantasy Life. C’est la vie.

At least we’ll always have hot lizard lady.

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