Nintendo Switch Owners....What do you recommend?

Very excited to have rejoined the Nintendo Family of consoles, but after getting Odyssey with my system and having already played BOTW twice back on the Wii U…I’m left scratching my head as to why I got the darn thing in anticipation of all its 2019 releases. Fire Emblem! Animal Crossing! Slay the Spire! You are all…so far away. My heart desires Magical Drop II…but I know I should maybe just pocket my eshop money until Let’s Go arrives and I can decide if that’s worth the Red/Blue nostalgia.

The people of Waypoint have an excellent taste and I couldn’t find another Switch recommendation thread, so I was wondering if people who have a Switch and enjoy it would maybe want to list their top 5 or 3 of the games they own for it?

Here’s my top 5:

  1. Odyssey - Makes me think “I should be a hat guy.” Excellent stuff. 4/5
  2. (NES Online) Mario Bros. 3 - Mario All-Stars Version is better…if only that was offered…
  3. (NES Online) Soccer - Kicked my friend’s butt (ok it was tie game) and I never played before…clearly an incredible title.

My Switch basically acts as a conduit for great computer games of the past few years so, uh, I am not entirely sure how great this list may be…

  1. Hollow Knight
  2. Into the Breach
  3. Breath of the Wild

I do not know where I would put them in a general list of things but I also think Wizard of Legend and Kingdom: New Lands are very fun and good fits for the system.

Am also really really really looking forward to playing Valkyria Chronicles 4.


If there was an indie PC title you liked/meant to play more/never got to there’s probably a port.

Here’s my 3 most played (only available on Switch): Mario + Rabbids, Golf Story and Octopath Traveler


Golf Story is, as far as I can tell, a Switch exclusive and is one of the best games on the platform. Small caveat: if you hated Hot Shots or Mario Golf, maybe you won’t like it. Otherwise, if you have a soul, Golf Story can’t be beat.

Also, shout out to curling up with the Switch and playing Night in the Woods. Handheld mode gave that game an intimacy for me that was missing any time I played it docked.


Am horrified to learn I do not have a soul!!! Seriously though, I bounced off of Golf Story a few hours in because I did not like the pacing–golfing being constantly interrupted by characters/plot. Does it get better at some point? Should I try again? I loved loved loved Mario Golf largely because, while there was a story, when it was time to play golf you played 18 holes and that was it.

It me, the Arbiter of Souls. Can confirm, you don’t have one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, if the story isn’t clicking with you, then it can be a tough slog. It reminded me of Pokémon Rusty, so I dug its humor. There is a free play mode, but I think you need to unlock the courses in story mode before you can play them.

In the same vein as @Murph’s comment about it being a haven for indie PC ports, Stardew Valley is a perfect fit for portable mode.

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Can’t believe I got Into The Breach on my mac a few weeks before it got released for Switch. I’d definitely grab it during a sale…I’ve made great progress on those islands on steam though…

I heavily recommend West of Loathing and Wasteland 2 (although, beware, the performance for the latter is pretty rough at times). Also, Battle Chef Brigade.


What kinds of games do you like?

I more or less use my Switch as a platform for indie games that I have more fun playing in handheld mode, so most of the games I love on there aren’t necessarily exclusives. I’m a big fan of platformers and metroidvanias, and the Switch has been excellent for those: Hollow Knight, Celeste, The Messenger, Dandara, Steamworld Dig 2, and Sonic Mania are all some of the best available right now.

If you didn’t already have them for the WiiU I highly recommend Bayonetta 2 and Captain Toad
Splatoon 2
Mario Rabbids
Night in the Woods
Dead Cells
Fortnite (hell, it’s free)

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If you are anything like me (a person who loves to laugh), you may greatly enjoy West of Loathing. I’ve said this a while ago on some other thread here, but it’s one of the most consistently funny games I think I’ve ever played. Check out the Quick Look of the PC version if you want a sense of the style of humor, but also note that the combat shown in the video is considerably more punishing and drawn out than normal. Ben briefly mentions it early on, but his character found a Hard Hat which, as you might expect, makes the game considerably more difficult.


Adding some other things you may want to check out:

  • Voez, a pretty cool musical game which plays somewhat like an electric piano*. It’s stuffed with cool tracks from eastern asian artists. Maybe a bit heavy on techno depending on your taste, but it’s a nice mix for sure. *A pianist may hit me for saying this
  • Speaking of musical games, of course there’s also Lumines. Too loud rumble, but it’s a great fit for a portable. A port, though.
  • Snake Pass is not an exclusive, but works great on the platform.
  • There are a couple of cool shooters: Ikaruga and Danmaku Unlimited 3.
  • And Reigns: Kings & Queens which bundles the two games in the series, but if you have a decent phone that’s likely a better fit for it. Also, I’ve only played the second game (Her Majesty) so can’t vouch for the first.

Gonna shout out bayonetta 2 unless you’re one of the 10 people who bought it on the wii u and you like platinum action games.
Also Bloodstained curse of the moon if you like pre-sotn castlevanias.

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I’ve very much enjoyed Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids, and of course Odyssey. Breath of the Wild didn’t really work for me.

The Switch is also a haven for PC indie games now, but I’ve played most of those already. I did buy Stardew Valley again.


… Ok so maybe that’s not surprising to anybody, but being able to take Fortnite on the go is really cool. I also believe that the pro controller is one of the best console controllers out there and playing Fortnite with it feels super comfortable, compared to the DS4.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a really cool retro side scrolling action game that’s super fun to play and the art is beautiful. Also you can swap between the new and original art and music separately.

Also you should check out Dead Cells. I’ve been playing it on PC, but that game is one of the best rouge likes out there now. Super fun, great gameplay and lots of weapons and items to experiment with.

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Gotta echo this sentiment. If you like NES-era platformers, this is that plus a ton of modern polish.

Other than that, I quite liked Splatoon 2 for short bursts of multiplayer gaming, but YMMV after the online pay service went up.

They should make Splatoon 2’s online multi free tbh.
You have that game out for six months before your paid online server and then you say, “Ok, gotta pay us now to keep on playing.” I feel bad for the kids who turned on the game to find that out.

This might be the one…Splatoon 2 or Dead Cells are decent choices as I was looking for something short and sweet to complement Odyssey being the only other game I have, but I’ve heard great things about this.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone! As someone whose taste is all over the place it’s nice to have a bunch of varied recommendations. In some fashion I regret spending so much time on a lot of these indie games on my Mac given how great they are on Switch. Hyper Light Drifter, Into The Breach, Stardew…all great things I don’t know I can spend money on twice.

Hope this now exists to at least be a Switch rec thread for anyone that might be looking for one here!

For sure. It just seems community killing. Like, I’m sure it’ll continue to do fine, but as someone whose relationship with that game is: play it obsessively for a week every two months, paying for the service becomes a weird barrier. I can afford it, but thinking about the value proposition almost discourages me on principle lol.

But yeah if I was a kid this would have been game over, good luck getting mom and dad to sign off on this thing that I “was doing just fine without”.