Open Mike Eagle Joins Us On Today's Waypoint Radio

On today’s episode of Waypoint Radio, we are joined by rapper Open Mike Eagle, fresh off his tour with fellow musician/nerd Sammus. Austin, Natalie, and Cado catch up with Mike about his latest ventures in television, including his new show, “The New Negros,” which premieres this Friday, April 19th, 11PM ET, on Comedy Central.

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Oh my God I can’t wait to listen to this!


A really solid Waypoint Radio episode, it was great that y’all had Open Mike Eagle on the show. There’s an energy and a pace to this podcast that is infectious and makes me productive right down in my bones. Would absolutely love to see more from OME and Waypoint if circumstances ever lined up for it again.

I don’t think I can watch The New Negros in the UK, so I am relying on the U.S. Waypoint community to not let me down and tune in if they can.


Huge fan of OME so this was a wonderful surprise!


Fully second that recommendation on Death Parade. The OP is also crazy good and a wildly inappropriate wrong tone, so I love it:


Hey Disney



Man, every editor in chief really does just want picture of spiderman.


Death Parade is Very good Definitely Waypoint crew should watch

Yo that discussion on getting into console generations late really resonated with me. I got a PS3 in late 2011 on which I only played a few games, and only entered the “current” gen with a Switch last year. I was planning on getting an XBOX One X this summer, but the talk about being able to get a bunch of really good games that you missed out on for cheap has me really considering in holding off so that I can make better use of my money and 8-year-old console.


OME was a wonderful guest, thank you for bringing him on! Gonna check out his music and shows.

(My first introduction to OME was in this video when he was a guest judge on Thrift Haul, which was a YouTube show hosted by Fat Tony before it got cancelled and he started hosting Vice Live, which has also now been cancelled. I just thought it was a kind of weird whatever-number-of-degrees-of-separation thing. Anyway, best of luck to everyone who was at Vice Live, and thank you to the Vice Union for trying to get them a fair deal :+1:)

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anyone else catch a couple eps of wzrd? I enjoyed it, it was pretty funny. Dani Fernandez is great, she has a couple of good podcasts worth checking out!

I never heard of him before but this episode was great for a whole lot of reasons. I started watching Live From WZRD and it’s very silly. Reminds me of early Adult Swim live action. Kinda awkward, jokes don’t always land, but still very funny! Good to see stuff like that still has a place.

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This episode was such a delight.