Oy, introduce yourself!

Hey! Waypoint forums! Cool!

If you’re new here (and, unless you’re a time traveller, you are), say hi and tell everybody who you are! Let’s make this an awesome community right off the bat :smiley:

Me- I go by Jeverage. @Jeverage on the tweetzone. Real name is Jess. I’m Canadian, she/her/they/them, and I got here by following Austin when he left Giant Bomb!

My only other forum experience was a long stint as a teenager in a Halo fan community whose old forums have vanished from the internet, and…let’s just say I’m very glad for that. I said some stuuuuuuuff in those days.

I’m sure I won’t feel that way about Waypoint’s forums in 10 years. Right? :upside_down:

So: Who are you?


SUP I’m Fistfulofmetal. I’m a 28 year old white dude in NYC. I’ve been on the internet for most of my life which as I type it out is actually blowing my mind? From Gamespot, to Neogaf, to GiantBomb now I’m here. Hopefully I can bring my important opinions to wider audience. Also I’m Team Dark Souls 1 so fight me about it.


Hello everyone!
My name is Oracle (which I totally stole from Batman) I’ve been a follower of Waypoint since day 1, followed Austin from Giant Bomb. My favourite genre of game is JRPGs and my favourite food is ravioli.


HI EVERYONE, I’M DANIKA!!:smile_cat:


Yo, I’m Andrew. 21 year old white dude in my junior year studying Game Design in Santa Cruz, CA. Was on Gamespot growing up and then Giant Bomb. Don’t usually post in forums but thought I should say hey since it’s the opening day and all.

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Hi! I’m Wracketeer!

I’m a follower from both Giant Bomb and the Idle Thumbs network. Outside of the internet I’m a 27 year old software tester from Scotland. Right now I’m 40 hours into Persona 5, and 94% of the way through my record book in Destiny. I’m also literally writing a medium post about Destiny right now. I really like Destiny.


I’m 2 Mello, a composer and sound designer for games. In what I’m sure will be a common story, I’m a Giant Bomb subscriber who followed Austin to Waypoint and watched in glee as he assembled a team of some of my favorite game writers.

My favorite console is SNES but I admit the Genesis sounds better. My favorite game is Super Metroid. My other interests include literature, film and hip-hop music.


Hi folks! My name is Jonathan, and on the internet I go by movieguyjon. Love movies, yes, but I also love video games just as much. Haven’t been a part of a web forum in a long time and am kind of excited to give it a go here. I love RPGs and JRPGs, and I even made an animated webseries inspired by Final Fantasy. I also wrote a dumb little show about frat sausages that had humor about as dry as the sahara, which nobody enjoyed at all!

Cheers everyone! Can’t wait to interact with Y’ALL!


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I’m Jericu, most call me Jeri because they don’t feel like typing the whole deal out. Like what appears to be everyone else in here so far, got here via Austin from Giant Bomb. I write essays about video games in my free time but they’re not particularly good!

If we’re talking about prior forum experience, I think the only forum I was on for very long was one dedicated to fusing pokemon sprites together in MS Paint. I am also very glad that forum isn’t online anymore.

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I am Brin, I like a whole videogames. Hello!


I’m James Tarr and this is the first forums I have joined since… many many years. I’m 33 and have good anime opinions, that’s literally it. I really like the people and community surrounding Waypoint so far so I thought it was a deffo easy choice to join the forums here.


Hey all - I’m Goodnews. I’m a nearly 30 year old (oh no) producer for an indie game studio in Seattle. I’ve been following Vice for a super long time now and I’m really excited that this video game portion of the site is popping off with some of my favorite editors in the biz. Looking forward to all of the new content!

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Hello humans and other sentient beings here! I’m Frank, a 23 year old dude currently serving in the Air Force. I’m just doing my best to be a better human. Oh and yeah, I am the same dude as on Twitter…need to get home and change my avatar :slight_smile: Good day to you!

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Hello, guvs! I, like at least half a dozen people, am a Giant Bomb expat who jumped aboard on the S.S. Walker and now that fine boat has brought me here. I look forward to posting with you all and building a great community here at forum.waypoint.vice.com or any of its soon-to-be million redirects.


Hi, friends—I’m Matthew! I’m an MFA student making games in Santa Cruz, CA. (Surprisingly it seems I’m not the first slug in the thread.)

My thesis work is about trojan horses and queer formalism in games, and you can find me on twitter or itch as @mrfb.


Throw me in the GiantBomb member who followed Austin here pile. 27, studying computer science, graduate next year.

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Hey all! I’m Sid and I think these are the first forums I’ve posted on since I joined a Warrior Cats RP message board when I was 12, and now y’all know that about me.

I love games with slightly broken stealth, dogs and baking challenging recipes.


Hey Folx, I’m Andrew, and I am excited to return to return to forums after roughly a decade away.

Anyway smiling link is my passion


Hey, I’m MC GigglePants. (Always feels silly to type that out but I think that’s why I like it.) You can just call me James if you want.

I’ve sort of loosely followed games journalism over the past however many years since I’ve had a computer, but I sort of stumbled backwards into the Waypoint launch off of Austin’s tabletop podcast and have been here enjoying it since. If it matters, I’m a soon to be 24 year old dude with a severe case of game ADD. So I mostly like playing shorter games, but I still play long ones. I just… take a while to get around to finishing them.

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im banky.­­­­­­