Persona 5: Go To Sleep

I’ve just finished it the other day with a final game time of 90 hours. The style is immensely satisfying and no UI will ever look better to me.

How do I fill this void in my life? What should my 2nd playthrough entail?

Which is the correct and best waifu?

It’s Makoto. It’s always Makoto.


Today, Makoto is the best girl, but I’m still super mad at P5 for only dropping Haru into the game after I’d already committed to Makoto. Because Haru is low-key amazing and on some days could edge Makoto out on that #1 waifu position.

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All you Makoto people need to hold your horses and notice Dr. Takemi. She is truly the one and only waifu.


Makoto has brass knuckles, her Persona is a motorcycle that later turns into a Transformer, and she has nuclear spells

What more do you want?

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The true waifu is the friendships you make along the way.


Second playthrough for me was completing the compendium and beating the NG+ boss found in Mementos. If you haven’t read every book/played every game/crafted every material/maxed out every Confidant, those are fun challenges to set for yourself too, now that you don’t have to worry as much about social stats!

Makoto/Death Doctor, Doctor Death are great.

I went Takemi first time around but it’s gonna be tough between Makoto, Haru, and Hifumi.

Turning down Haru is fucking brutal.

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For the record: I had my heart set on Makoto, rushed her confidant ranks as quick as I could as soon as she was available (she is one of my party mains so this had a double reason), hit a wall with required Charm then met Futaba and couldn’t resist her geeky, meme-spouting allure.

… Anyways I ended up dating Futaba.

Ann is the true waifu.

Another point in favor of Makoto: she’s essentially a Kamen Rider.

I liked Kawakami… does that make me weird?


Come on guys you can’t go wrong with the misunderstood Punk-Rock doctor.

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Takemi invented a completely new medicine just to save one child. She’s smart and nice and she gives you guts and cheap drugs and sp adhesives.

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Everywhere I go I am pursued by the specter of waifu culture.

Just finished P5 and really enjoyed it. Despite it problems with the pair of gay characters, sexaulity (despite them being silly teens moments), and a few aged system that Atlus held over from what they worked on from PS3, it really hits home with improvements on it combat systems, day to day activities, interesting story from both a relatable and mental standpoint, character development from the main cast to the side characters, and it god damn style from the visuals to the music. It going to me on my game of the year list for sure.

Also Makoto is the girl but Futaba is not far behind. I can’t choose, help!

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Makoto best girl.

I’m about 120 hours in and only in November because I decided to put the game on Hard mode, which was really rewarding probably for the first 70 hours, but I’m pretty ready to be done with it. I love a lot about the game and I’m CERTAIN, as with all Persona games, I’ll come away from it feeling, ultimately, good about it. But I’m probably just stuck in the rift all of these games have because its daily structure affects its storytelling and doesn’t always mean for well-paced or even well-written story all of the time. I’m probably just CURRENTLY salty because the Okumura palace was boring and I died too many times on Hard Mode, so don’t mind me.

It’s completely fucked up that me and Ryuji can’t kiss, despite Ryuji asking me constantly, outright, to kiss. There’s a line Ryuji gives if you suggest you go back to your place to plan something, saying (paraphrasing), “You know all that’ll happen if we end up back in your room is we’ll end up eating candy and playing video games, that’s just how it is with us”, with a sigh and a smile as if it’s something he’s so resigned to but also comforted by, and I want to be that boy’s wife, in game.

That being said, I did just get to know Akechi a bit more. You know, I’ve always known that P5 Protag was born, destined to be slapped in the mouth once every 5 minutes, and now I understand by whom.

pick makoto if u real tho


I’ve been following Morgana’s advice irl and haven’t played much :disappointed_relieved: Definitely love the game, just haven’t hit that sweet Persona life-stealing groove yet. Anyone else feeling the same?

Makoto does seem like my early candidate for best girl although I also really like Dr. Takemi.

Makoto wants to be a cop which automatically disqualifies her from being the best anything.


Anyway, I’m in December about 100 hours into the game, just getting into Shido’s Palace. I really love the game and think it’s definitely the best Persona game, warts and all. Warts being the sometimes disappointing localization, LGBT portrayal, and Palace pacing issues. The LGBT issue is even more disappointing considering this is the third game in the modern Persona series and each one of the games has been terrible about that.

What they’ve improved upon is out of this world though. I love the approach to character development they took, this one plays a long game with the characters that is more reminiscent of P3 than P4. There are a bunch of scenes that don’t involve the MC at all which really helps give you a more well rounded impression of the characters. In P4 I felt like everything needed to happen with you around and that limited the opportunities to get more meaningful character development, IMO. I can see why P4’s characters were more immediately appealing to a lot of people because the game did a really good job just putting their personalities on display right away. I do prefer the approach P5 took though. Ryuji is the biggest highlight for me, that kid is just so fucking fun while having a legitimately heartbreaking backstory.

Dungeons are also WAY more fun than the randomly generated identical corridors of P3 and 4. The little one off puzzles they have are usually really cool. Adding back in the additional attack types you see in SMT but not P3 or 4 was also a great decision. There’s just so much more variety. Like I said above though they’re not without fault. A couple of them have been poorly paced and just kinda boring. The 3rd Palace in particular just wasn’t good and didn’t even have a great story hook to it. At least the Palace following it was FANTASTIC.

Confidants are better across the board. Most of the adult ones are great and your teammates have pretty good ones. I’ll say this though: romance is still fucking terrible and I wish they would just take it out or limit your choices. Romance being bad isn’t anything new for this series. P3 forced you into relationships no matter what and P4 still had every single girl falling in love with you until you told them no. They made some decent changes to the way it works in this one but it still boils down to “you’re rank 9 will you love them or not.” It’s also completely baffling that you can’t date Yusuke or Ryuji. It’s not like romances mean enough to the story that it would make any kind of real difference. Just give people the options they want.

Main narrative has been really good overall. I got into a mindset earlier in the game that I was just going to treat it like a big roller coaster ride. It’s going to have ups and downs but the thrills are very satisfying while the lows are usually pretty brief. The thing I have a bigger problem with is the way some of the game’s events are so tonally out of line with how serious the themes of the story are. There’s a bunch of stuff in this game about how terrible it is for women constantly being objectified and taken advantage of by society. Then scenes where Ann specifically is forced into sexually compromising situations and you have stuff like lingering shots on Futaba’s body on the beach…what? There are a few examples of things like this throughout and it makes me wonder how P-Studio could have such a weird disconnect between their message and these kinds of scenes.