'Please Don't Listen to My Music,' Artists Tell Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie's Spotify has been discovered by fans, who are happy to learn he's got some pretty good taste in music. But not all the musicians Pewdiepie likes are fans of Pewdiepie.

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Why isn’t Pewdiepie banned yet?

this is a bit of a tangent but charity stuff really gets to me because people and corporations get lots of rep for effectively giving away breadcrumbs and even making money from charity (see gates foundation, f you bill)

Kjellberg’s net worth is estimated at tens of millions of dollars, he’s maybe the single most popular youtuber in history, we can’t really be expected to celebrate him raising (which is not even donating) 100 thousand, right? I just can’t help but compare any charity to the itch.io bundle for racial justice and equality now, that raised 8 million usd over some weeks. how many developers and itch staff are millionaires? how many twitter followers do all those people have together? Kjellberg could match that bundle all by himself and still be rich beyond our wildest dreams. also maybe marginalized people shouldn’t depend on even the most sincere charitable whims of millionaires etc angry face