Podcast Recommendations

Hi, All! What is your favorite podcast? Gaming or not gaming, I want your recommendations.

I have really been enjoying Idle Thumbs new podcast Important If True. If you like the rabbit holes the Waypoint folks go down, then this is the podcast for you. It’s virtually just those rabbit holes.

Also, I’d recommend Waypoint, it’s pretty good. :smiley:


Totally Reprise is way up there, it’s a Totally Spies rewatch podcast done by 3 (previously 2) very funny podcasters + guests. They have

a lot of good goofs


In terms of gaming, I would highly recommend 8-Bit Bookclub. It’s a podcast where the hosts discuss the video game novels they read for the podcast. I would start with some of the older episodes, the episode on the Bioshock novel is good content.

The Dollup and Last Podcast on the Left are two great podcasts I love listening to. The Dollup is about one comedian telling an event in history to is friend who has no idea what they story is about. The Last Podcast on the Left is similar but tend to focus on serial killers and other such things.


I’m a podcast fanatic. All of these are worth listening to.

Giant Beastcast
Giant Bombcast
Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work
The Game Informer Show
Turn One Thoughtseize
Clockwork Game Design
That One Video Gamer

progressive/left politics:
FiveThirtyEight Politics
Pod Save America
Pod Save The World

conservative/right wing politics:
Mad Dogs & Englishmen
The Editors at National Review
Ben Shapiro Show

Lowe Post (NBA basketball)
NPR Planet Money (economics)


Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men!

I love X-Men but it can be obtuse as fuck and honestly very overwhelming if you’re new to (super hero) comics. This podcast basically walks you through the series and it very accessable and funny and welcoming.


I listen to lots of podcasts.

538 Politics Pod, Pod Save America, Waypoint
Giant Bombcast
Shutdown Fullcast, Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody (both college football oriented, Shutdown Fullcast being the best)
Pod Save the World
Pod Save America 2
Giant Beastcast, Waypoint 2

I’d have to say my favorites are Giant Beastcast, Shutdown Fullcast, then Pod Save the World which has extremely insightful looks into the world of foreign policy.

Really, you should go to AudioEntropy.com for a lot of very good podcasts

Probably the queerest podcast network around (lotta trans ladies putting out a lotta good stuff)


I’d recommend most things on the Duckfeed network, including but not limited to Bonfireside Chat which is a souls focused show that’s kinda like a long play in audio form with a lot more discussion of theme and lore (also Austin and Danielle both guested for the Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne seasons respectively).


Hiya, I listen to a bunch of podcasts during the weeks but I think I most look forward to all the tabletop podcasts I listen to.

If you listen to stuff Austin Walker is in you’ve no doubt heard about Friends at the Table, which rules, and definitely goes the deepest regarding emotional and serious stuff of all the ones I listen to, but definitely manages to be funny a lot of the time too.

The other ones I listen to every week are The Adventure Zone, hosted by the McElroy brothers and their dad; and Campaign, which is a campaign spinoff of the OneShot podcast that does a new game every fourth episode or so.

Both of those later ones are definitely heavier on the comedy side of things but are still well crafted stories.


The Adventure Zone. Three of the funniest brothers in the world and their dad play Dungeons and Dragons. Come for the jokes stay for the amazing story and deep characters.


I like Idle Weekend which features Rob and Danielle from Waypoint.


gfb radio, bodega boys, and men in blazers are what im refreshing constantly for week to week

Does anyone else get weirded out by the fact that podcasts, even though they’ve been around for over a decade, have only just now exploded in popularity?

Outside of all the usual suspects of gaming podcasts (GBC, GBeC, IT, etc.) I really enjoy the road trippin with Channing and RJ podcast on the Uninterupted network. It’s super disorganized and Channing and Richard are massive goofballs but it is so fun to listen to most of the time and they have some great guests. It’s also just a very unique basketball podcast in that it is two active players talking to other active players on different teams and generally having a laugh


Dragon Friends! It’s an Australian Dungeons & Dragons podcast in which three improv folks try playing for the first time in front of a live audience, with background music improvised on the spot and a voice actor co-Dungeon Master helping out with all the dialogue. It has made me cry-laugh explosively enough that I frightened fellow commuters–more than once!–and listening convinced my little sister to seek out her own D&D campaign. http://www.thedragonfriends.com/


Smart phones are ubiquitous while dedicated mp3 players were niche

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Anything the McElroy’s touch is gold.


All of the McElroy podcasts are amazing. MBMBAM, Schmanners, etc.

Of course, if you are looking for a good story-based actual play podcast TM I would also recommend Friends at The Table featuring some guy named Austin.


Bodega Boys, Rebel FM, Comedy Button, Another Round With Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, Giant Beastcast, and…I think that’s it.