Pokemon Sun/Moon and its Predecessors

Hello! A new trailer just dropped for Ultra Sun/Moon and it looks like a pretty dramatic continuation of the SunMoon plot.

The Trailer!

How does everyone feel about SM in relation to the previous games?

Personally I was really invested in the plot and marathoned the game at times because I needed closure. Which seems new for a Pokemon game. I’m interested in this new SM because it did feel like there was some loose plot strings around the post E4 mission.

I was not expecting to be as blown away by the story in S/M as I ended up being. To be honest, despite my nostalgic affection for Emerald and how memorable I found Gen V’s story, I can’t really make a case for anything besides Sun and Moon being the best games in the series. I wrote a whole long thing about it (shameless plug but also way too long for me to recreate here) on my games/film/pop-culture blog:

But TL;DR, the supporting characters were on the whole much more developed than usual; Lillie being the quasi-protagonist really added to the story’s emotional resonance; the Trials and the clear framework for your adventure made a lot of sense and mapped pretty perfectly onto the coming-of-age story plot; Alola was just beautifully designed and actually felt like a presence in the story (in a way I’ve only ever felt about Hoenn previously)… a whole host of things really. Besides the postgame, which definitely left some loose plot strings, Sun and Moon are really spectacular games.

I think the quality of life improvements they made in Sun and Moon were amazing, and the presentation of the story was good, but the story it self was just… meh. A long with the whole game feeling a bit too hand-holdy to me. I thought it was better than X & Y but not quite the high of Black and White.

yeah sumo were the best written of the games, though to be fair that wasn’t difficult as all the other stories suck.
i wonder if the player character will have emotions in this one or if they will continue to just stare blankly at everything