Policy on Necro-posting?

Hi, I wanted to put this out as a question to the mods.

What’s the policy on necro-posting? When a Jokes’n’Dokes thread gets revived because it grandfather-clause’s past the shut down, I understand why that gets shut down. But I’ve also seen some threads get closed after they’ve been revived, and others that stay open.

I’m just wondering if there’s any specific policy on when a dead thread is allowed to be revived or not!

We do not currently have a specific policy on necro-posting.

The reason you see some old threads get locked when they are revived is if we find they are a frequent target of spam and not much else in regards of actual users posting. When this is the case, we will put a timer-lock on it (same as what we do with doke threads) just in case any users see the revived thread and want to post something in it.

Spam is also why you might see an old thread resurface with what looks like no new posts, as there was a new post, we just deleted it.


Thank you! Exactly the info I was asking for

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