Post some of your favorite love songs

It’s V-Day (No, not that one)! Let’s share our favorite songs all about that most bewlidering of emotions, love.

Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

A song so incredibly strong that you forget to listen to the rest of the album it’s on.

Tom Waits - Johnsburg Illinois

A personal favorite Waits tune. This short and simple declaration of love to Kathleen Brennan always makes me gush

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Straight To You

A country rock ballad for love at the, literal, end of the world

Vashti Bunyan - I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind

Bunyan is one of the most underrated artists of all time, I mean, listen to that voice!

Tim Buckley - Song To The Siren

Is it love? Maddening desire? Is there a difference?

Can - You Doo Right

I will take any excuse to post Can and this 20 minute epic has Malcolm Mooney reading a love letter like it’s a religious incantation
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The Magnetic Fields - The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side

It ain’t a discussion about love songs without at least 1/69th of this album.

Sparks - Sextown, U.S.A.

Well, it’s adjacent…

Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight

bop; it has love in the title

New Order - Temptation

Will turn any wet blanket into a cozy one, or your money back.

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Some of my favorites from 69 Love Songs

Washington D.C.

A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off

Busby Berkeley Dreams

Papa Was A Rodeo

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Also the best Disney song.

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Heard this version before the original from The Cure, but Cat Martino kills it:

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Happy valentine’s day y’all <3

let’s seeee off the top of my head I have…

(god I love the haunting tone and feel of the verses of this song)

(does this final one count as a love song? Too bad! I’m including it anyway! Plus I love this Justice remix, so now I get an excuse to share it with you all :sparkling_heart:)


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Vienna Teng - Stray Italian Greyhound

Scissor Sisters - Might Tell You Tonight

Hirose Kohmi - Promise (You probably don’t know this for its romantic lyrics. Don’t worry about it.)

And basically anything on CRJ’s Emotion/the B-sides is a brief window into what it’s like to not be aro as hell.


Uncle L’s gotcha covered

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Speaking of CRJ:

Carly Rae Jepsen - Take A Picture

This song released in the interim between Kiss and Emotion and definitely feels like it has some of the latter’s blueprints in it. We now know that she wrote approx. 1bil songs that didn’t make it on Emotion or Side B so I wouldn’t be suprised if this fits somewhere in that timeline.

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If We Were Vampires by Jason Isbell is just a beautiful and gutting love song:

And my, since that’s such a beautiful downer, here’s John Prine:

And Hem, Dance with Me Now Darling:

Is Pony by Ginuwine a love song? Because if it is, then Pony by Ginuwine.


The Beatles - All My Loving

For the emotional connection I have to it. When my wife (then girlfriend) was living abroad and we had a LDR, I was living with a couple of roommates. At some point we were sitting together, drinking and smoking and someone got their guitar out and we sang this :sob::heart:


When I made my original post I was trying to think of good love songs in video games and none came to mind, but shuffle thankfully reminded me today that I made a mistake.

In a Moment’s Time - Michiru Yamane, vocals by Geila Zilkha

My favorite love song is Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. Selling your soul - not to save anyone - just to give somebody MONEY TO BURN - that’s when you know you’re in deep!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Future Islands – The Fountain