Post the postest post-rock you got

post metal and shoegaze is also good share whatever

do you love long meandering songs that don’t go anywhere and have no lyrics because i sure as heck do

personal favourite artist of mine is The Evpatoria Report because i love feeling like i’m dying in space


Is post-metal ok?

I feel like the line between the two is fairly blurred anyway, so absolutely!

it has been eleven years since I first heard F#A#(infinity) and Godspeed You! Black Emperor might still be my favorite band ever

I actually haven’t listened to any GY!BE in a while because I know especially Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven would make me cry like a motherfucker

also a couple years back ASMZ, that ever-bizarre GY!BE spinoff project, put out an electronic EP that is some of the hardest shit I’ve ever heard in my life

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this is like the only post rock song i know

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Not the most obscure but I was in love with this album when it came out.


This is a very good song from a very good album!

My friends and I fell really, REALLY hard for GY!BE in high school, and spent the better part of our young lives exploring their off-shoot projects. Ever get into this absolute ridiculous Le Fly Pan AM record? Freaking transcendental.

ASMZ has released a lot of very good stuff imo (FOGF is especially very very good) but, seeing as how I read this thread as “protest post-rock,” I gotta go with this gem from an earlier EP:


As much as I love post-rock, I’ve always felt I have pretty basic-ass taste when it comes down to it. Anyway, here is this, I guess:

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Nice, I don’t think I’ve seen many other people who know about Evpatoria Report, C.C.S Logbook is one of my favorites.

No one posted any MONO yet so I guess I have to since I’m seeing them tonight


I used to be a huge Mono fan but I think I listened to too much of them at one point because I’ve kinda burned out on them

got to see them live back in '09 (16 year old me’s first concert!) and it was badass though. You Are There is an incredible album

also the best Explosions albums are handily their first two

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I almost exclusively listen to The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place when it comes to Explosions, so glad to hear that people think their earlier stuff is good.

does Lightning Bolt count?


Talk Talk is a personal favorite. Not quite as defined a sound as later post-rock, but there’s some great stuff on here that would go on to be super influential.


This is my shit.

One of my favourites from the last year. Local lads.

Russian Circles are a mainstay, all their albums are worth getting.

Sleepmakeswaves is another Australian band worth trying out that has a bit more of a proggy/electronic edge.

This is on top of the standards, like Mono and Explosions in the Sky.


I am consistently going back on forth which EITS album is my favourite between their first and second. That said, I’m really glad about the direction they took The Wilderness in. IMO they’re really excel when they lean into the ambient/less rocky stuff (especially on All Of A Sudden) and I think Mark’s time with Eluvium in Inventions may have helped a lot with that. EINACDP is extremely moving but also a little sickly sweet. Sorry for EITS opinions I think about it a lot and like nobody I know cares lmao

I love MONO a lot, especially Under The Pipal Tree, I’m glad they’re returning to their heavier stuff because For My Parents just felt so flat following Hymn For The Immortal Wind.

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I was going to post Departure Songs by We Lost the Sea, because I have been listening to that album non-stop for the past week, but @Chronocide was too quick.

I got into Post-Rock in 2010 when I lived in NYC briefly. I saw Maserati live there when they released this album: still love it, best driving music ever.

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Super down for opinions honestly. I don’t actually talk about music a lot so I don’t really have much vocabulary there, but hearing others is a good way to inform yourself.

I can see where you’re coming from with EINACDP. If I had found it at a different time in my life I probably wouldn’t like it as much as I do. So it’s probably the sentimental value that keeps me coming back to it more than anything else.