Preference to disable or reduce size of avatars?

Hi. It would be great if there was a user preference to disable avatars?

Currently I’m using an iOS extension to hide them but it’s not the best solution.


I’m going to ask what seems to be the obvious question here - why would that be great?

It would result in a less distracting layout.

An option to have them display at a smaller size would be a reasonable compromise. Apparently that should be an option?

These already display really tiny, especially compared to every forum I’ve ever used. Do they display differently on iOS?

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Yeah, I’m honestly surprised they’re so small, and figured that was because of smartphone optimization. I’d personally hate it if they went away or got harder to see, since for me they’re just as big a visual indicator of who the poster is as their user name.

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On iOS they’re 3x the height of the username they’re next to.

If prefer the size of the “replying to” avatar:

NodeBB forums have a good balance.

Oh that is bizarre. I’ve never seen a case where avatars look larger on mobile.

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It seems it’s to leave from for a tag. This screen is from the libretro discourse forum.

+1 for the option.

I love the full experience when I’m on wifi, but on Sprint “4G”…

They’s not wrong about the 4G I think, but DSL would be faster. :no_mouth: