PUBG Custom Rules Idea

(Is there a thread for these already? I searched but didn’t find one - if I missed it however please merge this there)

Name: Combat Medic


One player is chosen as the Combat Medic. This selection is based on whom ever can equip the most white clothing before the game starts to let the team and everyone know they are a Medic.

The Medic can only pickup backpacks, helmets, vests, white clothing, and healing items. No weapons of any kind, ranged or melee. No ammo.

The rest of the team cannot pick up healing items - not even to carry them to the Medic.

When a team member needs healing, the Medic drops them the items they need to heal. After the team member heals they drop any unused healing items before moving.

The Medic may fight back (punching) only if attacked first and only against the attacker (being attacked by a squad member does not allow the Medic to punch all members of that squad).

Only the Medic can revive a knocked down player.

The Medic may make the call that a team member is beyond medical treatment and ignore their requests for healing or revive (triage). The Medic may take team input in this decision, but it is the Medic’s decision only and not up to a team vote.

The Medic can heal themselves.

If the Medic is knocked down a team member may revive them but the Medic will be required to drop all healing inventory and gather new items to heal, including healing themselves after being revived.