Rainbow Six: Siege

Seems like there are some folks here who know better than to Fuze the hostage.
I saw this and figured it would be a good place to start talking about one of my favorite competitive games in the last… well in forever I guess.

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I started playing this game a few days ago and it gets me screaming in ways I didn’t know it could. I’m sure the experience is fun as a team but playing solo, the community is the worse I’ve encountered. Also the game doesn’t match you in casual? I had to go against lv150 people when I was a level 1 nugget.

All in all it’s a good concept but bogged down by matchmaking issues and a grinding system for rewards that would make Nexon blush. I’m still playing it though, hoping I get better one day.

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This game is mechanically amazing but I find it impossible to solo queue in because of how complicated and involved it is and people are assholes.

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The community is indeed awful. I’d love to get a group together for casual custom games.

Siege is one of my favorite multi-player games of the past ten years. Just switched from ps4 to pc and I’m in agreement that the community is super, duper bad.

Anybody else on Steam want to swap names?

I’m ferrofluid on Uplay

https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-290265-16/operation-health-qa :thinking:

One year and a half after the launch of the game lol

I bought the game thinking they addressed the issues I heard of. Guess I should have waited another 6 months.

It’s a pretty solid game to roll with one or more buddies and just comp stomp. Steam says I clocked 91 hours and I didn’t touch multiplayer once. Pure coop with 1-3 friends against the AI. Probably entirely dependent on what you’re looking for, but it’s pretty perfect for what I want as I am slowly becoming less and less interested in standard matchmaking style multiplayer in general.

It’s a live multiplayer game, if you want to wait until there are no issues you’re going to be waiting indefinitely.

There’s issues more important than others and you certainly know about that. We’re talking about a competitive game, it has a bar of quality it needs to reach in order to be viable. Something that Ubisoft agrees enough to put the game on stasis for three months in order to address them. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1332624-Top-Priorities-and-Known-Issues-Updated-1-12-2016

Of course, and they’re now devoting all their resources to fixing them. I fail to see what the problem is.

I just said I should have waited a little bit more considering I mistakenly thought issues that ought to be fixed during its year and a half run weren’t resolved yet. It’s not a matter of problem, really.

But why ‘ought’ they have been fixed already? The game has come on in leaps and bounds since release, and now they are talking about completely overhauling their backend while the game is live. That’s an enormous undertaking.

It’s just frustrating to see this mentality that dev’s should somehow have fixed problems before they even know they exist. This stuff doesn’t even become apparent until the game launches, and in most cases publishers just shrug their shoulders and fix it for the sequel. Ubi has committed to actually fixing the game.

Important issues like a broken matchmaking system, hit registration, hackers and lag compensation were there for a long time. It’s a wonderful game, but these issues are preventing the game to become viable competitively. It’s not like they didn’t know, it must be real hard to be able to fix them I’m sure of it, but it did annoy the community for a long time.

Is it really surprising for one to expect that these issues should have been taken care of a year and a half down the line ? I’m not criticizing the commendable commitment to fix the game, I’m expressing my opinion that I’m going to wait for the fixes to be in place in order to be able to enjoy the game in a better state.

It seems like you think I am excepting them to make it bug-free, that is not what I meant. I’m expecting them to make it a solid and fairer online experience, which is a reasonable expectation for a competitive online game. I’m not implying anything else further than that and I’m sorry if it came out as something else.

They’ve been addressing these issues since day one, they are nowhere near as bad as they were, and since they have determined that they can’t improve things further with their current system, they are effectively building a new system from scratch.

You keep bringing up the 18 months, as if that is an vast amount of time, but they’ve been constantly patching the game and adding a bunch of new content along the way.

Competitive FPS’s take a long time to get into good shape, most take years, since the real work can’t begin until the game actually launches. For comparison, CS:GO was still a trainwreck 18 months in, and still has problems with matchmaking, hacking and hitreg.

So no, it’s not ‘Suprising’ that you expect them to have completely resolved all these issues, but it is unreasonable.

I’ve just now started playing ranked in hopes that I would end up playing with people of similar levels of skill. My teams keep winning matches while I typically have 0-2 kills. I just entered the gold rankings last night and I’m constantly reminded how much more skill everyone I’m playing with has. Perhaps it is not just an accident and I am the best bait this game has ever seen.
I’m having a blast though. A blast like a breach-charge blowing the wall of the objective-room!
Seriously though, I can not imagine how some of these people on my teams can be so good at roaming. They just scour the map without fear.

I really do love this game, despite some of the annoying back-end issues.

I’ve never unironically accused someone of hacks in my 150 hours of playing R6:Siege on casual, but last night I’m pretty sure someone was DDOSing my team. Multiple members of my team were being kicked for high ping, something that has happened to me alone about 2 or 3 times in playing casual. It was super suspicious. I don’t know much about this stuff so I could just not understand some technical problem in the match, but I’m pretty sure it was HAX!
I hope the Health Update does some more IP protection. Until it comes out I’m sticking to casual. This experience has breached my trust during my brief week-long career in Ranked mode.

I think the fact that I’m usually dead and watching cams allows me to have an easier time enjoying the Pro League streams. There is one Live right now if you wanna find out if it is your thing:

I’m ChefLuBu on siege. I play a fuck ton of Twitch, Thatch, Thermite, Mute and Bandit.
If you guys are curious, as we all play the game and know, you can report people directly to ubisoft’s siege website for things like racism, homphobia, etc. with username and hopefully recordings or screencaps and ubisoft does ban their accounts. I’ve talked to some of their community team and they’re working on integrating and fixing their report system down the line. I think they were naive in their belief that the community wouldn’t have people being as openly racist or awful as that vocal minority has been. C’est la vie, at least they ban the shit out of aim-bot cheaters.