Remap Radio 13 - Everyone's Launching a New Media Company Now

I gotta say… the convo with the ex-Motherboard/404 folks was amazing catharsis for the last few months of Waypoint.

Also 404 Media launched!


I agree. It’s hard to hear that Waypoint shuttering could’ve been totally accidental, but it fits Vice’s disaster management…and it’s good to see Remap out from under their ownership (however harrowing it was to transition).

Hell yeah 404 Media! Any positive stories of worker-owned publications are a silver lining amid years of layoffs and media industry implosion.


I’m not in a position to do much other than add 404 Media to the list of Things I Can’t Quite Justify Another Subscription To Right Now but they’ve had a strong/savvy launch strategy, at least within my specific locale and niche media consumption.

Their first batch of stories have popped up multiple times in my Mastodon feed from tech people I follow, and their story about a privacy flaw in the NYC MTA’s new fare card system was picked up by all the local media and led to the MTA disabling the feature.

I don’t know if I ever once saw a VICE Motherboard piece in the wild except through the Waypoint connection. I know for a fact my offline Boomer father never did, but he heard about this one.