Remap Radio carries the torch

While Waypoint, VICE’s gaming publication, has shuttered, the staff of Waypoint, including Patrick Klepek, Rob Zacny, Renata Price, and Cado Contreras, are continuing to do some of the work we saw from them there under the name Remap. Their Twitter is @RemapRadio. The new Twitch channel can be found here.


I have but one thing to say: let’s goooooooo!


YES YES YES <3 I could cry… Maybe I even will.

Soooo… is this becoming the Remap forum?

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Hell yeah! About the best outcome I could have hope for, even if I’ll always miss their editorial work, as downsized as their budget for that became over time.

Glad for Ren to jump onto devside too, she’ll crush it. And whether Remap will be sufficient income for fulltime work for the rest of them (a super tall order!) or will have to be a side gig I’m glad they can keep talking into mics.

It was so delightful to learn about this live (after being spoiled in chat) safe in the knowledge that Waypoint might be gone in name, but it carries on in spirit!

The podcasts, series and streams were always my favourite part of WP, so the fact they can continue to deliver that energy to us after Vice chops down the bridges with a big comedically sized axe sits well with me, long live Waypoint :heart:

I poured one out for them last night in mourning, do they owe me a pour now?

How did the Apostles handle this? Did Jesus get them all a handle when he came back?


I’m excited for this to continue and very glad that everyone for the time being anyway has a much softer landing going for them. Part of me will miss the written content, I know Patrick has a sub stack going on, but I did enjoy reading the pieces from others even as they became fewer over time.

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Just want to note a fine detail that’s probably already been seen but I just noticed


Let me add this here then.


Are these references to something?

Though I am excited for this new cartography direction for the podcast. I already sent in an email question but maybe I should ask what their favorite projection is? I think Rob is a Winkel tripel type of guy.

I think “The Big Steppy” is a meme … well “big steppy” at least.

And Rob’s unfortunate cracked stove incident…
I have no idea where this big steppy snippet is from, I don’t see it on the art posted on twitter, but I definitely read it in Danika’s voice.

Big boy do the big steppy:

EDIT: Embedding with the timestamp doesn’t work. It’s at 3:58.


As much as I despise it, he’s probably a Mercator projection dude. After all, he loves boats, and that’s like the one good application of that projection.

Robinson is a good one but I have a soft spot for the Boggs eumorphic projection.

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Patrick is fine with just Mercator, Rob might actually want an over-elaborate butterfly map, I don’t really know what Cado would use, and Ren is Gall-Peters.

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This is borderline libelous. No, Ren would simply use a globe.


Lol legit was Danika saying it.

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