RESET Roundtable: Video Game Preservation + The Fighting Game Community

“RESET: The Unauthorized Guide to Video Games” is a new show on VICE TV that aims at taking a deep look at the culture and community around video games. Each episode, host Dexter Thomas is joined by a selection of Waypoint Radio hosts, Motherboard writers, and industry professionals for the RESET Roundtable, a panel discussion on that specific episode’s topics. This podcast is the full recording session from the two first episodes, “Preservation” and “Finish Him.”

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I’m finally sitting down and listening to all these! So I actually live fairly close to the National Video Game museum and it is definitely something everyone should check out at some point if they can because the episode doesn’t do it justice for just how fun of a museum it is.

They have an exhibit setup that lets you go through every single console using a giant SNES controller and has interesting facts for each

There’s an arcade cabinet that’s setup to be an easter egg terminal that lets you look up easter eggs and cheat codes

There’s also a rather large arcade inside the museum that’s pretty fun and isn’t overly expensive and helps with funding.