Ritual Sacrifice and Punk Skeletons: The Story Behind 'Paradise Killer'

2020 has been full of surprises, but one of the more pleasant plot twists has been the unexpected arrival of Paradise Killer. At first glance, it seems like a riff on the death game, a la Danganronpa, where groups are put in situations where murder is rampant and the task is to figure out who's responsible. That "who" here includes a talking skeleton, and everything takes place on an island where folks are ritually murdered to please some cosmic gods. 

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[Looks at header image]
Why did no one tell me Paradise Killer was JoJo?


This game looks like it is just dripping with style, I can’t wait to find time to binge play this!

I don’t know what that random guy was whining about with “no answer”. I’ll spoiler warning this anyway even though I don’t think any of this is too big:

If you really dig deep and go everywhere and solve every mystery, you’ll get every fact you need to make an answer. The question is how you apply those facts and make a final argument as to who should be guilty or not. I don’t think those questions are even all that difficult by the end.

But ultimately, if you’re lost or frustrated by things that are not clear to you yet, learn more. Keep interviewing people. Keep exploring.

That evidence was circumstantial and any judge worth their four arms would know it’s not enough to convict!

Damn, I want the spoiler warned Paradise Killer thread where everyone is trying to make arguments on whether so and so is not guilty of such and such. Get me some fine armchair lawyering.

Also, I’d like to preemptively nominate Paradise Killer for 2020’s Disaster Bisexual of the Year. It’s going to be a hard choice between it and Hades.

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