Shadow The Hedgehog Is An Excellent Videogame

Allow me to present to you a comprehensive informational post on why Shadow The Hedgehog is in fact Good™ Actually™ and in fact the best entry in the Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise

1: Holy Fuck Look At The Animation On Those CGI Cutscenes

Yo what the fuck, there’s so many little movements and shit. Sonic Forces didn’t have one cutscene with animations this good. What the fuck.

2: The Guns Work Perfectly Fine What Is Wrong With Yall
Seriously everyone always goes off on one about how the guns don’t work right or some shit but that’s bollocks, you point in a direction and shit fuckin’ dies, what more do you want a god dman gun to do.

3: It Has More Self Confidence Than You (Probably)
This is a game that never once decides to hold back on it’s bullshit. Shadow’s out here monologueing like he’s in fuckin’ Shakespeare and I’m pretty sure if you asked the manifestation of this Videogame it’d tell you it was the first thing ever to do an “Am I, Or Am I Not, A Robot” Story. It’s probably the first to involve a sequence where you Jack Into TRON style and blow up The Internet though.

4: This Line

5: Some Of The Guns Are Etremely Long And For Some Reason That’s Really Funny To Me
Look at these guns

They’re just so


6: Shadow And Omega Are In A Relationship
“But Fuckwit” I hear you say, “Just because they are consistantly paired throughout the series, are demonstrated to share a deep mutual understanding of each other and in one ending declare themselves leaders of a robot revolution together, doesn’t mean they’re in a relationship!”. To this I answer, wow that was rude what did I ever to do you, but also, the neutral ending theme is them singing a fucking duet.

7: Yo This Soundtrack Kicks Ass
It’s a Stone Cold Banger mates, a Top Tier Belter My Dudes, a Hella Good Jam Pals, a Sick Set Of Beats Old Chums.

Look, here, catch these Killer Tracks Lads

I Am (All of Me) - Shadow the Hedgehog [OST] - YouTube

Westopolis - Shadow the Hedgehog [OST] - YouTube

Digital Circuit - Shadow the Hedgehog [OST] - YouTube

There’s even a fuckin’ techno dance remix of E.G.G.M.A.N how are yall not all OVER this shit

E.G.G.M.A.N. [Doc. Robeatnic Mix] - Shadow the Hedgehog [OST] - YouTube

8: This Pose Tails Does When You Finish One Of His Missions

My Son

9: You Only Lose 10 Rings When You Get Hit
Why the FUCK doesn’t EVERY SONIC GAME DO THIS like YO this fuckin’ WORKS.

10: It Doesn’t Introduce Anyone, Ever
This game assumes you know literally everyone already. There are like 30 characters, who turn up for like 2 missions total and barely do anything. Imagine getting through to the neutral-hero ending without getting a mission with him in and suddenly being faced with Vector The Fucking Crocodile:

11: The Mission Structure Is Super Good, Actually
I’m a sucker for anything that has you playing through the same spaces but dramatically recontextualising them with different mission objectives. Shadow The Hedgehog is a game built entirely around that, with different missions forcing you to change your pace and explore parts of a level you’d have just glided on by otherwise. There’s something inherantly satisfying about looking the goal ring in the face and just going “nah”, and going streight past it because it’s time for a HEEL TURN BABY.

12: Every Single Combination Of Choices Has A Unique Name in The Library
There are 326 possible ways to go through Shadow The Hedgehog, and every one has an appropriate title tieing your choices together. That’s cool as shit.

13: The 100% Completion Reward Is A Rush Through Hard Mode Versions Of All The Levels With Voice Clips Of All The Characters Offering Support For Your “Training” And Making Dumb Jokes
It’s the best 100% completion reward in any game and I love it.

14: Jason Griffith Is Really Excited That He Can Say The Word “Damn”

15: It’s Pretty Much The Last Sonic Game To Care About The Little Extended Universe It Had Set Up, And Like, That’s A Real Bummer
Man, Adventure Era Sonic had a whole thing going, yeah? Like, Shadow as a character was proof that they were willing to try telling actual stories with some degree of depth, regardless of how well anyone thaught they actually did at it(I reckon they did pretty well all things considered). Shadow had an arc spread across 3 different games, I wanted to see more of that from a series known for having such a vast number of characters. Good characters! Characters worth second looks! But not they feel like they’ve all been shelved until further notice, which bums me out. I miss the Anime Bullshit Sonic the Hedgehog.

16: Okay Fine I’ll Stop Now
It’s good, aight?


This is the only correct opinion about this game.


Bless this thread


well, I want to disagree but pretty much all these points are irrefutable.

What about that one ending where Shadow straight up murders Robotnik?

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I mean I can’t argue with logic, I suppose

Shadow was the first person in the Sonic universe to actually kill fascism


Correction: There are THREE endings where Shadow kills Robotnik, and one where he agressively tells him to get out of his house because he’s found Jesus.



Damn that’s cool!

Damn that’s cool!!

When your cool boyfriend is trying to look intimidating and you decide to help by performing aggresive ballet from the rear.


Question: Does Sonic Forces qualify as anime bullshit Sonic?

Sonic Forces is CLOSE to anime bullshit. But it was more interested in paying quick lipservice to old characters and past events, rather than having them actually do or mean anything. Remember when they introduced Chaos as a villain, then had it do literally nothing? And there were a load of people on the radio, but most of the dialogue was function-driven rather than character-driven. It had it’s moments though, like everything to do with Infinite.

However, the episode Shadow DLC IS anime bullshit, which is why it’s the best part of that game.


I am glad to see this opinion because I actually really liked this game as a kid, and even though parts of it don’t hold up as much as I remember them holding up, there is a lot of charm in its self-serious edginess.

This is an extremely good and thorough answer. Thank you.

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Finally someone states the correct opinion.

I was gonna post something like “the hot takes thread is over there :point_right:” but honestly you convinced me and now I’m looking for my copy of the game.

Waypoint 101 of Shadow the Hedgehog

Haven’t played the game, but this seems to check out. Thank you for your service.

I loved Adventure 1 & 2 a ton when they came out, and I will never replay them so I can continue to say I love them to this day.