Sharing Space-Tales in Heat Signature!

Hey folks, Heat Signature the new game from Tom Francis, former games journalist and creator of the charming Gunpoint, is out!

Here’s the launch trailer!

It’s a game about space, stealth, systems, swords, and lots of other S-words! I just got it and am enjoying it immensely. Since this is the kind of game that is made to create interesting stories, I thought it would be fun to share some of ours!

(I’m going to start by posting mine as a response to keep this first post un-cluttered.) Hope to see your characters around the galaxy!

My name is Cherry LeMorgne, and my personal mission is to steal The Love Experiment and make enough money to retire.

My first mission was to assassinate a Sovereign rogue. I had done the training missions. I had seen Sader Fiasco, the old woman of the revolution, sitting at the bar. She didn’t look so tough. I though I had what it took.

I loaded into my pod and headed out from the central Independent cluster into the edges of Sovereign space. My quarry was drifting just this side of the border, keeping low. In the dust I caught glimpses of larger ships, distant stations, surfacing and receding. I began to feel slightly out of my depth.

I cut the engines as I approached the ship, instantly realizing I had wildly miscalculated the speed and distance. As I struggled to come around I began to realize I had whipped around and was now approaching from the opposite side of the entrance hatch. Desperate to course correct, I flew directly into the enemy ship’s sensor view, banging against the hull. It was only for a moment, though, and I breathed a sigh of relief as no one seemed to have noticed. Again, I attempted to come around, both of us moving at high speed, and this time managed to bounce my ship all around their nose. Sirens went off, lights began to flash, and a proximity alert boomed. They had certainly noticed this time.

They bounced me off their hull with some sort of barrage and I was left to limp home on emergency fuel and get my ship repaired. The mechanic warned me that next time I would not have access to as much emergency fuel. I assured him that that would not be necessary, and headed out once again.

My second encounter with the ship was shockingly similar to the first. Maybe, I thought, maybe I am not a very good pilot. Maybe I would not be drifting here in my damaged ship, once again, if I had exercised a little more caution and restraint.

On my third try, my third try which ended with getting a barrage to the face once again and having to frantically shut down emergency systems as I spun away, I resolved “No more!” Rather than limp home I used the last of my emergency fuel to turn and head right back to the enemy ship.

I silently and slowly crept alongside. It was touch and go for a bit, but I slid up and docked. “Ha-ha!” I cried in triumph. Then I unlocked by accident. “Fuck!” I slowly caught back up and once again docked. This time I crept out of my pod. Distracting one guard, I stealth-shielded past another, and slit the throat of my target with my sword. I picked the body up and hid it in a side room where no one was likely to go for some time. Then I headed home, triumphant.

3 jobs later, and I am a shadow in the space-ways. No one has ever seen my face or heard a whisper of my presence but that I want them to. I have looted ships entire, stolen keys out of guard’s pockets, and extracted data valuable to the war effort without anyone the wiser.

I’m Cherry, and I’m gonna get The Love Experiment.

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I don’t remember her name.

It wasn’t my first character, Carbon Fury, who spent a long time waiting for her friend to rescue her when her own personal mission went wrong.

It wasn’t my second who died in space when their pod blew up.

Maybe it was my third or fourth. She needed to steal an experimental device in order to pay off her debts and live her life again. So we went through all the usual rigmarole, tried the personal mission once and then failed. Then finally got enough kit that I felt comfortable trying once more. It was a ship full of guards with shields, and bosses with armour and also shields. I had two crashbeams and not a single armour-piercing weapon in sight.

It was a perfect run. I got lucky with my extra-long range key-cloner and managed to pick up one of every type of teleporter on my way. I had it, I had my objective in my hands and all I had to do was leave the damn ship. But no. I wanted to get fancy. I wanted to take out one of these armoured assholes who had been giving me sop much grief. So I snuck up on one of them isolated near the ship’s hull, shot the fuel burrel near him, and waited for the dude to get spaced.

The explosion sucked him out into the black and left me unconscious. The guards came and found a convenient hole in their ship to toss me out of. At this point I still think I’m free and clear. But that’s when I try to remote control my angel pod to pick me up, and accidentally trip the ship’s defenses. The pod is hit, I try frantically to regain control and pick my sorry ass up.

Emergency fuel? What the hell is that. Oh well, I should have enough time to make it ho–

Oh no.

Oh I’ve overshot it.

Okay maybe if i just…



I don’t remember her name. But on some rock in this awful nebula a bunch of mercs drink to her honor, the poor show-off who got herself asphyxiated in space.

I dunno. as a fan of handheld games I think there’s been plenty of interesting things happening in the genre space, they just have the trouble of requiring you to be familiar with the genre and taking too long to show you them.

even just in the dungeon crawler space there’s some interesting takes like Ray Gigant or the Etrian Odyssey games that play around with it a bunch.

it also gets more interesting when you expand your definition of what exactly a JRPG is. Half Minute Hero does a lot of funny things with JRPG tropes while still feeling genuine to them. Tactics stuff like Zettai Hero Project have some ideas from the genre with very different base mechanics. plus stuff from studios like Vanillaware are heavy with that.

I guess my feeling is there is a lot of small cool ideas all over that space but what the broader audience wants is a return to when games as lavishly produced as final fantasy, dragon quest and Persona were made so they always get skipped over.