Should I Play Wolfenstein: The New Order?

So, I have never played any Wolfenstein games before but the recent Waypoint Radio and First Look has me really interested in playing Colossus but the question is should I play the New Order\Old Blood first? I hear there is a Scottish character in it so that kind of makes me want to play t already (even if he’s not played by a Scottish actor, which always seems to be the case) but I have two main points of contention:

  1. Do I actually need to play Order and Blood to understand whats happening in Colossus or does it even enhance the story and characters?

  2. More importantly, does Order and Blood interact with the politics of Europe the same way New Colossus does with America? The most interesting thing about New Colossus to me is that its touching on stuff like black resistance, the KKK and the differences between left and right anti-nazism. So I am wondering if the New Order or the Old Blood touches on any Europe specific subjects like this?

You need to play The New Order but not really the Old Blood. New Colossus is a direct sequel and the whole team you see there was assembled in TNO. For your second question, there’s not really any european politics going on, it’s a very personal story of vengeance above all. Very Tarantinesque.

Considering that Wolfenstein II’s subtitle “The New Colossus” is a direct reference to The New Order’s final cut scene, you may be well served to go back and play the first game. I’d recommend bumping it down to the easiest setting and breezing through the story if you want to get to the new game faster. You’re not missing much with regards to difficulty, and stealth is pretty much the same.

I don’t really have much to say other than yes you should play it. I don’t know whether you need to play it to enjoy the new one but I’m sure it will help. You can skip The Old Blood though, although it is also pretty good.

It’s a good game. Turn down the difficulty if you want to breeze through it.

I never got into The New Order, but I’ve now finished The New Colossus - and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything story-wise.

That’s dissapointing but not unexpected.

I’d have thought that the overriding factor here would be that TNO is a) really good, and b) really cheap.

You can probably get through New Colossus fine without having played it, but you’d still be missing out on something really fantastic. That’s definitely worse than playing it. Even if you think you’d be more interested in New Colossus, there’s still plenty enough in New Order to make it well worthwhile.

The old blood is fine, but unnecessary. I strongly recommend playing TNO and saving Wyatt. If you’re in a hurry to play TNC, play TNO on the easiest setting. Most people prefer the easiest difficulty anyway, but I think the harder ones are good too, in getting the gameplay to approach the oppressiveness of the story.

It’s a wonderful game so I recommend it on that basis, though the story is recapped in the beginning of The New Colossus.

If you were thinking of playing on PS4, the game is currently £3.99 digitally. Hard not to recommend if you’re okay with a 48GB download.

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Damn, that is cheap. I might just get both New Order and Old Blood.

if your platform of choice is PC, I’d say take a pass on The New Order, it was one of the worst PC-ports I’ve played in ages. No working V-sync, locked to 60fps, no working AA, disabling headbob breaks some weapons and so on.

as far as I’ve read, The New colossus starrts with a recap of The New Order, so storywise you should be brought up to speed on the story.

The New Colossus re-caps The New Order pretty succinctly at the top, and should bring you up to speed on major plot points. But TNO has some really great character work that I think is worth seeing and provides much-needed context for some of the conversations you hear in your home-base you walk around between missions. I would guess you could get through it pretty quick if you played on Easy.

The Old Blood isn’t a requirement, and frankly isn’t worth putting the time into if you just want to get to TNC.

Old Blood and New Order were super cheap so I got them both. Should I play New Blood first since it’s a prequal or should I do it in order of release?

Narratively, Old Blood takes place before The New Order, but I don’t think it matters which order you play them in. I played The New Order first.

Definitely doesn’t matter which order. It’s a prequel, but TNO did come out before The Old Blood. As ClairvoyantVibes said before, The Old Blood isn’t a requirement. I found it to be an enjoyable enough side story, but where the new Wolfenstein games have shined has been in the story and characters, and The Old Blood isn’t particularly noteworthy in that department. I’d say come back to it when you have a gap in other games you want to play.

I think it’s a good romp and I absolutely love the way some of the cutscenes are directed. It builds BJ as a character rather than simply the advocate of straight up “nazi murdah”.

I’ve not played the Old Blood but I think I might do before trying The New Colossus.

I played The Old Blood first, then TNO, and I thought that worked well enough for me. The narrative links aren’t very strong, but a few things carry over, and TOB is a good, more concise intro do the feel of the games.

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