Signally Boosting Some Grossly Undernoticed Shadowrun Returns Mods

With how much Shadowrun Dragonfall gets brought up in the Waypoint 101 discussion, and with the fact that I was recently reminded of them, I thought I’d post a topic bringing up some serious hidden gems of mod campaigns to Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun games.

Each of the mods descriptions tell you the general idea of what all the campaigns are about, they’re set after all the official campaigns, during the Japanese occupation of San Francisco with the player one way or another staving off the military and/or corporate expansion coming out of SF. It’s like Shadowrun meets Watch_Dogs 2, except with more esoteric and authentic regional culture (The third campaign specifically has both my hometown and my place of birth in it. No game has gone this hard on Northern California since Fallout 2.) and I think the writing and content amount is easily equal to Harebrained Schemes own official campaigns. The third campaign even does RPG romances in a way that was honestly for me pretty emotionally effecting.


Oh this sounds great! Does Antumbra Saga collect 1-3?

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Yep, and it goes Antumbra, Caldecott, CalFree.

Oh man, I completely forgot about the mod community around Shadowrun! I just might have to dip my toe back in.

Highly suggest Nightmare Harvest. It’s a big, gross piss-take, but as far as those go, it’s kind of incredible. My favorite moment is probably when you’re helping a Yakuza guy fight a traitor who has his brother hostage, and while they’re all talking and your voice is completely pointless and ignored, you can poke fun at how obnoxiously cliche they’re being.

Also you enter a magic side dimension with a used condom.


I haven’t played any user created content for Shadowrun. Gonna play all of these.