Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (EPL Fantasy is back! Post #668)

Thought we could use a thread for anything soccer. I guess a good icebreaker is which clubs to Waypointers support and how you became a fan?

I’m an Arsenal and LA Galaxy fan. I decided on Arsenal in a kinda weird way. I think it started when I played as them a whole bunch in FIFA 99. I didn’t serious become a fan until after the 2006 FIFA World Cup. I had just watched a bunch of that tournament and wanted to watch more high level soccer. Arsenal came to mind when I started thinking about the team I wanted to support.

And then LA Galaxy, they’re the closest team for me. I guess I could have been a Chivas USA fan, but I guess I wanted to support actual LA team.


I am also an unlikely Arsenal fan. I think it might have started from a jersey I found for cheap at Ross?

For MLS I dig the Timbers, but if San Diego gets a team someday I’ll have to reconsider things.

I was thinking about posting a soccer thread just a minute ago, took a few minutes away and here we are.

I played soccer as a kid but didn’t really get into following professional leagues until I managed to catch the October '96 match between Newcastle & Man U…and Man U was decimated in a 5-0 defeat. I was lucky enough to catch it live near a few life-long NUFC supporters.

Somewhere around the same time I also took a liking to Newcastle Brown Ale, I honestly can’t tell you which came first…but they’re linked. I’ve been a Newcastle fan ever sense. Which isn’t always easy, for sure.

Meanwhile closer to home I’m a huge supporter of women’s soccer and the NWSL and of course an MLS fan as well. I didn’t really have a particular team allegiance until I recently relocated to the Seattle area…so now I’ve got the Reign & the Sounders. It’s a nice change of pace.

I was out the Reign game last weekend 5-1 over the Dash, which was an amazing first game to catch. On the Sounders side I’ll be seeing them first in a rivalry match with Portland…I can’t wait.


That’s actually pretty awesome. Still have that jersey?

I have a lot of respect for the Timbers. Nagbe is suuuuch a dope player. I can’t believe he hasn’t gone overseas yet.

Yooooo, I’m glad someone brought up the NWSL. I’m kinda bummed LA doesn’t have a team. So for now I’m a Reign’s fan. Also helps that I’m a huuuuuge fan of Megan Rapinoe. Last season I was really good about catching games on live on Youtube. I gotta look up a schedule.

I do!

Nagbe is a ton of fun. I’ve been praying for him to fully integrate with the national team for months now. It’s been a slow start since he became eligible but he seems like just what the US needs.

They stopped broadcasting them on YouTube this season and switched over the Go90 app…which IMO was a terrible decision. Such a great league with so little visibility. At least last year it was easy to watch the games anywhere if you knew about them.

Arsenal fan here. Asked my Dad who he supported when I was like 9, “Arsenal. They have Henry.” I had no idea what this meant, but that was that (in retrospect this was not long after the Invincibles season).

Fast forward to now, I have not followed the football since 2014 cos it hurts too much. Seems like this isn’t the season to get back in, either.

LA Galaxy and Tottenham Hotspur fan here!

It’s a real shame the Galaxy suck right now, but my Spurs are doing quite well! It’s rad to see other MLS fans in corners of the web where I didn’t expect them!

I also follow the NWSL, but as @AstroTira mentioned, the move to Go90 for broadcasting rights has made it really hard to watch. Hopefully that gets remedied soon, but I try to catch games on Lifetime when I can!

Aw man, I wasn’t even aware of that change. Yeah, I’m not sure I agree with the change. I haven’t even heard of Go90 until now.

Yeeeah, this pretty much sums up what it’s like to be an Arsenal fan right now.

@niki Yeah, I caught the Galaxy vs. Philly game and it was pretty awful. Definitely a rebuilding season. I hope they try to build a foundation with younger players. At the same time, it’s hard to resist having a famous DP sign for the club.


Liverpool fan here, born an bred in the city with a Liverpool fan as a dad. So naturally I adopted the club. Also I see a lot of people saying they support two clubs… the idea of that really doesnt compute in my head, like do you support one more than the other or?

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Spurs fan here. Glad we got a day to enjoy the NLD result before there’s talk of two of our players wanting out

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@Mike Who’s wanting out?

Apparently Kyle Walker wants more money from Man City, which I could probably see happening, I don’t think the gap between him and Trippier is noticeable, especially for £50m. And there’s talk Alderweireld won’t sign a new contract that doesn’t include a release clause.

Could just be papers stirring shit up though, couldn’t have us be happy for more than a day.

I could see Walker at City. Whens Alderweireld’s contract up?

An as a Liverpool fan I know the feeling of not being happy for more than a day

Ajax fan here. Anyone on here ever watch the dutch league?

Liverpool fan as well, not from there but ever since that Michael Owen goal at the 98 World Cup I’ve been a fan.




Another Liverpool fan here (I also support my home town team, Limerick FC).

Been an LFC fan for a long time, since the days of Rush, Hansen, etc. But the Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge team was the one that really caught my attention.

And yes, that was an incredible goal by Can last night.


@Seva @Req What an insane finish that was last night! Shitting myself those last 5 minutes though. These next 3 games are going to be tense