'Sonic Mania' Can’t Arrive Soon Enough for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's newest console is actually getting a little dusty right now, at my place—but the blue blur will blow any cobwebs away.

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I feel like this paragraph nails why Sonic Mania will probably be really good. Besides it being made by a team that cares deeply about the original games and knows what made them good, they’re not trying to add anything unnecessary on top of it.

Sonic Team doesn’t really seem to try to improve on their better iterations of 3D Sonic. Instead, like the article says, they instead introduce new mechanics or design new characters to play as. And they seem to be continuing that with Sonic Forces, where they don’t really seem to be improving on how modern Sonic and classic Sonic were designed in Sonic Generations. And instead are adding a third character that they haven’t announced yet. It’s too bad because I feel like modern Sonic has the potential to be way better than it is in Generations.