Sports Games Can't Handle 2020

Sports! They’re happening, sort-of. And that’s why we’re talking about sort-of sports games. Austin, Gita, and Rob revisit the league politics of Blaseball and secrets the baseball sportsbook simulator has been yielding. Rob’s playing F1 2020, which is less a game about Formula 1 in 2020 than it is about expectations that existed for F1 in 2019. Another game that’s revealing its secrets to Gita is Sudoku, which she’s finally learning to love via Zach Gage’s Good Sudoku. Austin is also unleashing the beast in Carrion, but thinks maybe more leashes might be a good thing for that game.

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I was glad to hear Rob go a little more in depth into the local costs of hosting F1 races in this ep and would love to see more of that kind of consideration on the show when discussing F1. I’m not trying to be a downer, but my work is largely centered around public space in Baku, Azerbaijan and the effects of hosting the race on the local population (lack of access to public space, increased police presence, historic locations being altered, and public transportation being rerouted to name some) are increasingly not only felt during the race, but afterwards as well as race infrastructure sits in the city throughout the year. F1 is really fun! But like any other sport there’s a ton of bad stuff tied up in it as well that should be discussed alongside