The Brooklyn Definition of Burnout

Hey Waypointers i need some Peer Review on this Thesis: Burnout Paridise while being objectively one of the best racing games of all time… isn’t actually a Burnout game because the Burnout games are still centered around tight, fast, level based racing

im probably way off base here… but i need questions answered

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I’d define the high-value factors of the Burnoutlike as crashing into other cars, mid-2000’s punk rock, and permadeath.

I mean Rowan Kaiser would likely agree with you. He kinda hated Burnout Paradise for introducing a really flawed open-world conceit into exactly the kind of tight, level-based game you’re describing.

But I don’t know. One, it might be the most famous game of the Burnout series and therefore a defining moment that can’t be excluded. Two, Paradise leads to NFS Most Wanted which DEFINITELY was not a Burnout game despite trying to ape a lot of Paradise’s structure. Some quality was gone that made the earlier game recognizably Burnout.


I think it totally fits every key element of a Burnout game.

  • Extremely fast
  • Aggressive driving
  • Crashes

I think those are the key tenants of a Burnout game. Crash mode being the only element missing between Paradise and the earlier entries. But that doesn’t prevent it from being a Burnout game.

is f-zero burnout?

f zero are hover crafts tho right?

It’s a big change for the series but I think it kinda perfects it? Burnout Paradise solves the problem of Burnout, the open world design and (at first) lack of restart completely changing the focus of the design away from races that you gotta be tight on and not crash to just an endless driving playground where the experience of the moment matters more than completing events and winning. I like it a lot.

and i feel that, i just wish that it wasnt the only game that was still playable on modern systems at all… because no one talks about how great 3 and 4 were… or at least i dont see it, i think those were worse racing games, but better burnout games

I mean Most Wanted 2012 was made by Criterion, so to me it always felt like more of an evolution of what Paradise was doing. Taking the crashes and high intensity and combining it with the open-world gameplay that other driving games at the time were starting to incorporate.

Let me propose instead that Burnout Paradise is the defacto Burnout game and all other games in the franchise which deviate from it’s core ideologies are not actually Burnout games.

that physically hurts me, i cant deal with that if thats true… YOU CAN BLOW UP THE MADDEN BUS IN CRASH MODE… if thats not burnout idk what is