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The worst part about the NBA finals is that instead of fun local broadcasters or the TNT crew we’re stuck with fucking Mark Jackson and Jeff van Gundy. Who are both annoying and uninformative. I am baffled that on it biggest stage the NBA choose to have broadcasters who don’t seem to understand the rules and are openly dismissive of how the game is played these days.


I feel like the NBA could earn some major brownie points with hardcore fans by allowing the local commentators to commentate the NBA Finals. For normal everyday fans they won’t care, but the fans that are watching every game it would be awesome! Also it would be a nice reward for those commentators too! Put it on LeaguePass or something for an extra fee. Hell I’d definitely buy it if the Pels ever made it to the Finals.

Also I feel like this summarizes the Jackson, Van Gundy, and Breen commentator group well.