The Game Awards Discussion Thread

Hey everyone we know people are excited to watch the game awards and talk about announcements and awards that come out of it. So we’ve decided to have one thread to house all that conversation!

Also the Waypoint mod team have been talking a little bit and we’ve decided that a group of us are going to commentate The Game Awards this year. So join us on stream on the Waypoint community channel ( as we watch the award show that at least one person is saying is better than the Oscars.


I have a feeling God of War’s gonna sweep it.

usually they like to vary up the winners and not have a sweep.

i also found out today that the jury accounts for 90% of the decision and the audience accounts for 10%
the general games press outlets both loved God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 and gave both tons of perfect scores.

The Audience might be more split on red dead 2 but seeing as their vote doesn’t factor that heavily into it i think God of War has just as good a chance as Red Dead.

Anyway i’m mostly here for the announcements since The Game Awards have always been annoyingly broad and ad focused anyway.

I feel a lot more outlets are leaning towards RDR2 as they run up to their own GOTY discussions even if Hitman 2, Tetris Effect, Obra Dinn or Florence might take it elsewhere. It won’t exactly sweep but it will be the big winner on the night with God Of War taking up one or two (Probably Direction as it feels wrong and ugly to give Rockstar or Quantic Dream any sort of award relating to project management). Also audience wise, RDR 2 is likely to have more of a quieter and “shy” lead compared to loud fanboys declaring for God Of War.

Announcements wise. This year feels surprisingly big and they have their cards close to their chest. We got two significant surprises last year in Bayonetta 3 and Soul Calibur 6 and a tease that ended up being Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. There’s a few being suggested like Mortal Kombat XI, The Avengers Project (Which has been backed up by a lot of Marvel bloggers who were on the money regarding the Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 trailers) and Metroid Prime. Perhaps Borderlands 3. It’s interesting to see.

Though I kinda respect Geoff’s hustle regarding ads because he’s brave enough to admit it compared to how other awards shows work their product placement in (Good lord the Oscars is full of it. Guaranteed one big Samsung placement per year)

It’d be real great if Rockstar had all hands on deck at the ceremony, at least so they could emphasize how the game was a team effort, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

I am channeling every fiber of my being into a Celeste upset. It’s not going to happen, but it’s the right thing to do.


The #1 thing I’m looking forward to at this show is Lena Raine playing music from Celeste with a full orchestra. It’s gonna be sick.


It’s going to be so fucking great, and I hope they do the mr Oshiro chase music with those awesome jazz drums and melodic minor motifs.

God dammit, the music in Celeste is just too damn good.

EDIT: Oh my god, please have them play @2Mello’s chapter 5 remix!

Holy shit thank you so much for mentioning this, I had no idea. Definitely tuning in now. Best soundtrack of the year (and GOTY overall but I’ll save my breath to shout about that in a separate thread) and it’s not even close for me. Great music all the way through, and then somehow remixes of every track that are even better. It’s unbelievable

The guitar lines on the chapter 6 remix are just unbelievably great. Just… god damn, what a great game and what a great soundtrack.

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I’ve listened to that celestial resort b-side so much since I’ve played that game, like literally almost every day for months after finishing it, it’s brilliant. Get christa lee a Grammy

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Wow, uh, Ubi’s actually gonna do it? They’re actually gonna make post-apocalyptic Far Cry?

I was really excited that we were gunna win some, but then I remembered that it’s public judging, and our categories are probably going to be won by Celeste and Battlefield.

Looking forward to Lena’s show though. :-x

There is a rumour that during The Game Awards Nintendo is going to reveal the first Smash Bros DLC character.

There’s also a rumour that the character is a Square/Enix character.

I predict Squall Leonhart gets revealed and Celeste wins GOTY or else I have to eat a falafel wrap in one sitting.


The only award I super care about is “Best Performance”, which better go to Roger Clark or I’ll riot.

It’s a real shame that Detroit: Become Human gets a “Best Narrative” nomination while a game like The Missing gets kicked into the “Games For Impact” bucket, whatever that category even means.


I’m skipping this year’s, largely because I disagree with things like the Content Creator award but also because it’s on at like 2am my time and I need to work on Friday lol. I’m looking forward to watching all the announcements after the fact though.

Bet it’ll use the same map as 5, like what Primal did.

This rumour is largely based on Nintendo tweeting about the game awards and specifically mentioning Smash Bros. I think we’ll probably see something. I don’t think the Squenix connection holds any water, but if it does I can’t wait for The Quiet Man’s introduction to Smash!

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not gonna lie, kiiiiinda buzzing a lot over Obsidian Entertainment Presents… Some Space Shit

going by the rumours, it’s gonna be a very me sorta game–‘Obsidian-developed, third person space opera RPG’ is basically a wishlist pulled straight from my brain. plus, it seems like Chris L’Etoile - who wrote most of Mass Effect 1 and 2’s codex, plus Legion, Thane and Noveria - worked on it in some substantial capacity.

(oh, and speaking of Chris, he could really use some help right now if anyone’s able. Jamie Zupo, his wife, recently suffered a stroke, so they’re going through a lot at the moment.)


I’ve heard a lot of “Spiritual successor to the good Fallout games” thrown around in relation to this. Which makes me even more excited.

So this Obsidian game completely separate from the MS sale? Feels weird for MS to buy them when they’re neck deep in a Take Two game. Also potentially disappointing if the game is good and Take Two has to have someone else make the sequel.