The Gray Market for ‘Diablo Immortal’ Is Already Booming

Diablo Immortal, the mobile-first iteration of the Diablo series, has been widely criticized by players as being “pay-to-win.” Players can purchase all sorts of items that will, in some way, give them an advantage over others. Developer Blizzard, however, doesn’t sell experience or level boosts, meaning even players who pour cash into the free-to-play game will actually need to play the game for the most part in order to progress.

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I’m conflicted about showing the URLs in an article like this. On the one hand, ABK doesn’t benefit from gray market sales, so who cares. But on the other, other gray markets have been rife with scams targeting buyers. On the third hand, maybe anybody who gets ripped off trying to buy a boosted account for Diablo Immortal got what was coming to them?

Yeah, I don’t feel great about gray markets but I also find it difficult to get too worked up about gray markets for a mobile game designed to be a money hole anyway.

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