The Haunted 'NHL 12' Multiplayer Ladder and the Ice That Tilted into Hell

In the fall of 2011, I was haunted by a videogame. It wasn't the kind of game that's supposed to haunt you, nor was this the "figurative" variety of haunting. I mean that when I turned on my 360, opened up NHL 12 and stepped into an online ranked match, I was attacked by a malevolent force whose origins are impossible to explain.

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As both a Bruins fan and somebody who played NHL 11 and 12 up into the top 500, I feel this article perhaps more than I have any other Waypoint article.

The ice tilt is real, though. Even if it’s not. I remember games where even beating the opposing goalie (which you could do reliably in 360-era NHL games given certain circumstances, usually by skating backwards at him) would always, always hit the post or miss the net entirely. And the next game I’d win 7-1 in a laugher.