The Rise and Fall of Bidoof, Pokémon Snap’s Unlikely Hero

New Pokémon Snap is a game all about falling in love with Bidoof, which permeates the early levels of the game, some of its marketing material, various reviews, and social media in the early days of the game’s release.

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Bidoof evolves into Bibarel, which is an absolute S-tier HM holder for the games with HMs in them. We stan a toothy king.


Bidoof really is the cutest pokemon design, no surprise

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Smogon once banned Bidoof from Ubers — then the most powerful tier of competitive Pokemon — because its hidden ability (which raised one random stat per turn) could basically make it unstoppable with the right RNG.

Right now it’s legal in “Anything Goes,” which is the tier they had to create because Mega Rayquaza is just too damn powerful.