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05:00 AM: Everything should reset, as it does every day. Houses are built, trees grow, rocks are resupplied, fossils hint at their presence, waiting to be unearthed by townsfolk passing by. Every day, Isabelle would notice these things as she walked to the town square, but today was different. The trees showed no sign of growth, the bridge was still under construction, not a thing had changed from the day before. Perhaps Tom would know what was happening.

But when she opened the doors to Town Hall, he was not there. His golf clubs had been knocked over, his leaf adorned shirt left crumpled on the floor. On his crafting table lay four rotting turnips.

Something was amiss. But who was behind this? It would take the cooperation of the entire town to find out.



Day Thread Rules:

  • You can at any time update your vote by using a “Vote:” or “Unvote:” tag. If you want your vote to count, you need to make it directly clear, so that the GMs aren’t sitting there trying to figure out whether you are actually voting or not. i.e. mentioning in the middle of a sentence “I’m going to vote for X” won’t count as a vote. If you want to vote, present it like this on its own line:

  • Unvote: WeedLordVegeta
    Vote: Glorgu

  • If you’re not currently voting, this counts as a vote for yourself.

  • Vote ties at End of Day will be solved by a GM coin flip or other similar method.

  • This thread will be locked at End of Day, but feel free to chat in the Hub thread during day or night. The only caveat is that you shouldn’t post anything strategically relevant to the game in there! Memes, general chatter or availability notices are welcome though.

  • Similarly, the Day Thread is for living players only, but dead players and even spectators are free to post in the Hub.

  • Don’t have any unofficial private conversations with other players about the game. Some roles, such as the Mafia or the Masons, will be given an official DM thread to talk, but otherwise keep your interactions to the public threads.

  • Activity is important in a game of Mafia. It’s fine if you will be largely unavailable sometimes (in which case post your upcoming unavailability in the Hub thread) but disappearing without notice for entire phases of the game means we may have to replace you with one of our backup players.

  • You can also find a general explanation of how the game will work in this post.

What should I be doing?

No matter which role you’re playing as, you always have the ability to a) question others on their reasons for their actions (or lack of actions!) and b) vote. If you’re a townie, this is because it is your best chance at catching out Mafia - for example, if you can trip a Mafia member up on why they defended a potential teammate, you could have a better chance at voting out a member of the Mafia.

If you’re not a townie, you should be looking like you’re doing the same thing (since you’ll want to blend in) while hopefully if all goes well contributing nothing of actual value, or leading the town down the wrong path. What you’re aiming for is the illusion of being a townie, after all, not to actually become a townie.

Glossary of useful terms:

There are a few common terms in Mafia games that can help you to express what you want to say.

Wagon - when a bunch of people get on board with the same vote. For example, if two people are voting for Glorgu and then a third one says “yes I agree” and votes for Glorgu too, that person has “jumped on the Glorgu wagon”. A wagon can be an easy excuse to give a responsibility-free vote, so sometimes you might want to look into it.

Bussing - When a member of the Mafia targets another member of the Mafia in the day thread (so that they can have a nice-looking vote record), this is called bussing. As in, they have thrown their teammate under the bus. As a strategy it can be sometimes useful, sometimes not!

WIFOM, a.k.a Wine in Front of Me - This is a reference to a famous scene from the Princess Bride in which a character works themselves into knots getting into an endless loop of reverse psychology while trying to figure out his opponent’s intentions. This is a common situation in Mafia games.

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The Roles

These special roles, both town and mafia, will send PMs to the game master when specified to utilize their powers in an attempt to help their factions win. Note: not all may be included.

-----Town Aligned-----
Brewster, Town Investigator
People can’t hide their secrets around a good cup of coffee. Once per night, Brewster can Investigate a player to determine their alignment.

Blathers, Town Doctor
…What? He HAS a P.H.D. Once per night, can protect one player (other than themselves) from night kills.

Blanca, the Universal Backup
If you don’t have the perfect Islander, make one. When the first Islander with a special role is eliminated, Bianca will assume that role.

Sable and Mabel
Sorry, Label. Sable and Mabel will know each other’s identities and be able to communicate privately, starting either night 3 or when the first town role is eliminated (whichever comes first.) They will not have access to either benefit beforehand.

Gulliver, Commuter
You go where the waves take you, baby. Twice per game, Gulliver can remove himself from the night phase, becoming immune to any and all roles targeting him.

Tortimer, Double-voter
What, you thought this was a democracy? Tortimer’s vote during day phase counts as 2 votes.

Isabelle, Morning Announcer
…oh, I didn’t mean to talk about my posting habits! Once per night Isabelle may send the GMs a message that will then be added to the GM post to start the subsequent day phase.

--------The Mafia---------
The Stalk Traitors

The Stalk Traitors are allowed to communicate with each other in PMs, and will know the identities of one another. Once per night, they may pick a target to kill.

Additional Mafia Roles

Joan, Mafia Godmother
Nothing happens here without your sayso, and nobody will ever be the wiser. Joan will always show up as innocent when Investigated, and is immune to kills during the night phase.

Lyle, Mafia Roleblocker
It’s so much easier to make an Islander’s home happier when they’re trapped inside of it.
Once per night, Lyle can disable a target’s night action, if they have one.

Redd, Mafia Role Investigator
You’ve got a discerning eye, cousin. Once per night, Red can investigate another player to determine their role.

----The Serial Killer----
Bunny Day Festivities for E V E R Y O N E
Zipper is a faction all to themselves. Their goal is to remain the last player standing. Once per night, they may target a player for a kill.

--------Glorgu, Cody, and Weedlord---------
The Game Master
Hey, that’s us! Every role sends us a PM for an action, and we make a post every evening and morning summarizing the events of the last phase.

Weedlord sneaking in a last minute edit to the test thread to say that this game has 99.4 percent the brainchild of Cody and Glorgu, and I am so so proud of them, and to be on a team with them.

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Player List

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Timeline of Events (to be updated through the game):

Day 1 Begins
Day 2 Begins
Day 3 Begins
Day 4 Begins
Day 5 Begins

Day 1 has begun. You have 24 hours.
@augmentalize @Forrest @Frasier_Wasabi @just_benj @lemon @muffinsyay @mundanesoul @NotThePars @Peng @robowitch @Rupa @serbroseph @SuperBiasedGary @Terranova @TheFightingDoll @toppform @trty0 @vivimd @Wazanator @ZoraMikau

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Hey everyone! I’m new to the boards but not new to mafia.

Looking forward to playing with you all!

Vote: robowitch

Nice to meet you.

EDIT: My apologies for the early edit - should have read how to do the vote tags more clearly.


holy crap :fearful:

(but also welcome to the forums :smile:)

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If I were a crime-person, where would I hide? Hmmm…

Something to note about the rules for this game that’s changed since the last game: not voting counts as a vote for yourself.

If you specifically want to vote towards No Kill today that’s an option, but it would need to win the plurality of votes at end of day like any other type of vote.

Hi could the person(s) who disappeared Tom Nook please admit wrong doing so things can go back to normal on our island?

I’m nervous!!

Frasier what makes you think it was robowitch?


lemon, you’ve said in the past that you have little sympathy for Tom Nook, could you elaborate on that?


A balloon floats across the sky, holding a gift inside. The first player to post in this thread with a YouTube clip of their favourite TV show opening theme will win the item.

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1 Worn Fishing Pole has dropped into the hands of vivimd. The details of its use will be provided in your Role DM, you are free to share or withhold that information as you see fit.

I was rereading our previous thread to see if I was afraid enough of robowitch to try and get a bandwagon going even though Frasier is almost certainly just playing for information (yeah, maybe!), fortunately I was looking back at this one when that popped up. Now I have an item, and no longer does the terror grip my heart. How’s everyone else doing?

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You mean, after just learning that that raccoon fellow mysteriously disappeared? not great tbh

To h*ck with it

Vote: just_benj

You’re being awfully chummy benj, sure you aren’t hiding something?

He probably just time traveled, right? Turnips don’t spoil on Wednesday. Don’t worry about him, he’ll come back eventually.