There are those who denied the strength of the jam, the Sport of the 90's. That it would never see it's day again. Who are they to speak now? (Windjammers 2 announced For Switch/PC, 2019)

I still can’t believe its real.That fateful moment where the King Of The Garbage Boys said it would never happen was a false prophecy


Death to David Lang, the false king


Wow. And Dave Lang thought his mentions were bad when they announced the port.

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Are you fucking kidding me

The internet is a sentient joker.

I had some great old-school multiplayer fun on the couch at my last homeparty. Crossing my fingers for a PS4-port down the line.

Yeah but the last time someone wished death on Dave Lang. America’s Sweetheart, Matt Kessler, got banned from twitter.

What I’m saying is I still can’t believe Windjammers 2 exists and also Dave Lang is a cop.

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