This Holiday We Dare to Answer: "is Santa gamer?"

We asked you for your hottest take inducing questions and you came through! Join Austin, Patrick, Rob, Gita, and Cado as they weigh in on everything from making whisky into ice cubes to the best game in a franchise to Ham vs. Turkey, all with a 90 second timer! So grab your favorite winter drink, snuggle up under a blanket, and warm yourself by the heat of these hot takes!

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As a whisky appreciator, I loved Rob’s shade at the entire idea of putting ice into whisky.

Also, Piper Wright making pancakes with eggs and linguiça. She probably doesn’t cook on a regular basis, so she’s probably using pancake mix, which never comes out incredible but is hard to fuck out and like I’m never going to say no to warm pancakes as long as they aren’t literally inedible.

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Double bill Metal Gear hot takes:

Game that shouldn’t have been part of the franchise it’s in: Metal Gear Solid V

Secret best game in a series: Metal Gear Solid 4

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Please expand on that second take. I’m on my third attempt to finish it atm.

I walk downstairs and Garrus Vakarian is making corn beef hash and very strong coffee because:

  1. I suspect Garrus knows how to make a mean corn beef hash. As far as I can tell about 30% of the Turian population are down on their luck PIs with hearts of gold so I suspect they have the finest diner food in the galaxy.

  2. I am not a morning person and Garrus would be fine with eating in silence while we read the news/latest calibration reports.

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I just really like the level design in 4, feels so much more alive and frightening to move through. And yeah the cutscenes are long and drawn out but I think they’re at least fun for the majority of their runtime. It’s nice to not be doing things in games sometimes, sitting and watching cutscenes and sitting in barrels waiting for people to run past you. I think about it more than any other game in the series, since a lot of what I like about 5 is in there and the rest of the series feels like they escalate to 4 as a natual endpoint of mechanics and tone.

Should get a rerelease imo.

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Santa liked Rule of Rose but actually his true love is the Shadow Hearts franchise. He makes sure Mrs. Claus is out of the room when Shania does her strip teases.

imho Gita is right about Pyre (and Austin is right about Invisible Inc…)

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I think you have to buy into Kojima’s bullshit a lot to get the most out of his games and that one’s arguably the most full of his bullshit. I’ve been listening to the Abnormal Mapping series on the MGS games and like their take about it being a deliberate piss take of fan service. Have to finish it for myself and see what I think. Agree about the levels though, those Geckos, their legs and their mooing give me the fear.