This Video Series Imagines PS1-era 'Dark Souls' and 'Far Cry 5'

A reminder of how hard early 3D games tried to achieve what we now take for granted.

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Ehhhh… I’m all for good demakes but I get the feeling the people (person?) who made these are the sort to conflate “8-bit” with “pixel art” because they legitimately don’t know the difference.

From Software made actual games on the PS1 that didn’t look, or sound, or animate this poorly, and there’s bizarre anachronisms like texture filtering in these videos that the PS1 definitely couldn’t handle.

Nice try, I guess, but I give it a D-

I’m in the same boat, like Demon’s/Dark Souls is literally a follow up to FromSoftware’s PS1 game Shadow Tower (I mean it has ideas from their other stuff but it’s closest to ST) and King’s Field games, which look and play way better than this.

This is a fun idea though so I look forward to checking out more of these when I have a chance.

I appreciate what they’re trying to do but they’re not exactly doing a great job representing the era, the Far Cry 5 one was pretty okay but they wouldn’t have made a trailer like that in '98.

As for gameplay, Dark Souls was a big oversight, they HAD action games of its ilk on the ps1, ones that looked and animated way better and far surpassed that mock combat, and I just think they misrepresented what Dark Souls is. (especially since, as NeoRasa mentioned above, Demon’s Souls was a spiritual successor to From Software’s ps1 era games, there’s already a “ps1 dark souls”)

I get it, gameplay isn’t the point, but they’re trying to paint a believable picture, aren’t they?