Total War: Three Kingdoms Campaign Stories

After Rob’s pitches on Total War: Three Kingdoms, I picked it up and have gotten wrapped up in the stories the game tells as you play, and I wanted to hear everyone’s tales of victory and woe that they’ve gotten so far.

In my Cao Cao campaign, I’d expanded in the middle of the map but was feeling pressured by Yuan Shao to the north. He vassalized seemingly half the factions and generously offered me to become a vassal as well. After declining one too many times, he invaded the Chen farmlands, leading with Yuan Shao himself. I brought my greatest army led by Cao Cao to seige in a night attack. His army, when paired with the garrison at the farmland, was nearly twice as large as mine, and the prediction was a decisive defeat for me.

With the combined might of Xiahou Yuan and a trebuchet unit that got 200+ kills, I was able to pull out a close victory AND capture Yuan Shao. Realizing that I could cut the head off the snake that had pestered me too long, I executed him and reclaimed my lands.

It didn’t destroy the faction, which is fine, I guess. His son took over and swore vengeance, but it felt good to teach them a lesson. Anyone else got any good stories from their campaigns so far?


Not an amazing story, but here goes:

After an earlier war with Yuan Shao, where I managed to take the provinces North of my (Yuan Shu’s) capital, I had taken my attention back South to deal with an upstart warlord, who used to be a vassal of no-longer-existing Liu Bao. As that campaign reared its end, Yuan Dhao and Cao Cao both turned their attentions on me. I had only a single stack to my North, and several of theirs were descending on me.

One of Yuan Shao’s generals had lain siege to a provincial capital of mine. Their stack was backed up by another two-retinue stack.

Unbeknownst to Yuan Shao, one of his generals, at the time in the forementioned two stack, was a spy, planted by me. While I didn’t have enough of a network to make him turn the army, I did manage to get my spy to poison the main stack.

My nearby stack, that had been laying in ambush, rushed to the help of the besieged city.

In their weakened state, dispatching of them was easy. My spy came in as their reinforcement, but managed a “miraculous” escape. Their main army had a provincial administrator, whose head I took, so maybe I can get my spy to replace them.

So, is everyone playing this game with the Dynasty Warriors ‘EPIC’ mode turned on? Where all the heroes have much more health and power than the regular units?

The Romance mode is the default one. In the Records mode, generals have a cavalry retinue like they have had in many other Total War game. The game doesn’t seem balanced around that as such, so I’ve stayed away from Records. Also, most generals in Romance mode can still be dealt with by regular units, if applied correctly. In fact, most generals will probably lose in a straight up fight without support.

Of course, some generals will chew through stuff, if not countered correctly.

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