Twin Peaks Revival Hype Thread (Spoiler Warning)

Who else is super excited for the next entry in this great series?

What characters are you most excited to see back in action?

Have you been re-watching the original series/movie as a refresher?

Who wants some coffee and some pie?

Hows Annie?


Oh dear god yes.

Recently re-watched the whole thing twice–once by myself, once with my wife (we’re going to go see Fire Walk With Me at a local theater this month). I could talk about that last episode forever.

I’m keeping a very open mind, but if Michael Cera isn’t Andy and Lucy’s son, that will be a huge missed opportunity.


As you might notice with my icon I LOVE Twin Peaks. I am really excited for the new season. It seems to be the ultimate culmination of David Lynch’s stuff. I re watched Twin Peaks a couple of months ago when I read the new book. I can’t wait to see these characters again even though some will be missing.

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There’s always the restaurant.

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very excited for it–watched the original series a few years ago with my mom (probably the show that I most associate with her), but haven’t watched since. going to try to stuff it all in before it starts up again later this month!

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if they straight up kill off james in the first scene. i will be satisfied.


For real, I’m probably the only person who really, really likes James. Just a sweet kid with a poet’s soul, but love keeps getting between him and his motorcycle.


I have that book on my shelf and still haven’t cracked it open—what’s your take on it?

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Mares eat oats.

Does eat oats.

Little lambs eat ivy.

I am very excited. I love Leland (as you might guess) and I’m so happy that Ray Wise is coming back to reprise his role. I’m really interested to see in what capacity…


The fact that Lynch & Frost are involved in all episodes has me very excited for the new season. I love the show but the season 2 stuff after Lynch & Frost left is… woof

It feels a little strange seeing Twin Peaks all HD and digital, but the fact that there’s going to be new Twin Peaks at all has yet to sink in fully for me. That shot of the fog on the mountain…that’s the good shit.

post your favorite twin peaks scene


YES! I’m so glad I went looking for this thread before posting a duplicate, I knew this thread had to exist somewhere!

Fire Walk With Me is my favorite Lynch film and I’m beyond excited about the new series. I hope it’s as dark and abstract as the finale & FWWM (Judging by the ending of the book Mark Frost put a few months ago, I have no reasons to doubt there’s going to be a lack of horror elements) as those are definitely my favorite parts of Twin Peaks.

It’s baffling to think that in less than a month, there will be new Twin Peaks. I seriously cannot wait to go back to that world again.

It mostly focuses on some of the fringe characters in Twin Peaks but is nice to know their backstory. It was a quick read since basically all of the pages are just documents and photos. I liked it.

I’m so interested in this, even though I’m not sure if it’ll be good or not. I expect it’ll be memorable regardless.

Also I highly recommend the Idle Thumbs Network podcast Twin Peaks Rewatch. They rewatched the first two seasons and the movie, discussing each episode week by week. It was great conversation, and they plan to continue with the new series as it comes out.


My favourite show of all time, so yes I am hella excited. I really need to read The Secret History of Twin Peaks in the next three weeks…

Twin Peaks Rewatch is so good! While we’re recommending podcasts, I got into the show Diane recently. It has really cool vibe and they go in depth with a lot of themes and symbolism of the show. I don’t always agree with them (they seem to give a whole lot of meaning to some of the awful stuff in season 2 that I don’t really think it deserves) but it’s still incredibly interesting & good if you want some in-depth analysis of the show.

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I’m sure he’ll be the new incarnation of BOB? Since Frank Silva is no longer with us. I’d love to see Leland and Cooper duking it out in the Black Lodge.


I’m planning on making a list of “essential” episodes to rewatch before the season 3 premiere. This is what immediately comes to mind:

  • All of season 1 through Leland’s funeral (the BOB Saga as I think of it in my head).

  • The last third or so of season 2 where the Black Lodge mystery really picks up (the Black Lodge Saga as I think of it in my head).

  • Fire Walk With Me

  • Bonus: Secret History of Twin Peaks (I have about 2 hours left in the amazingly produced audiobook version)

Right now I feel like the list is too bare bones. I really just cut out the middle of season 2 where things went waaaayyy downhill. But I’ve only watched season 2 all the way through once so I’m worried I’m missing some gems in there? Thoughts/additions?

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