Unmatched in the Ring, Asuka May Find WWE Raw Her Toughest Opponent

She's one of the best wrestlers in the world, but WWE's Women's Championship has a history of wasting greatness.

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“WWE has the power to make Asuka one of the biggest names in pro wrestling–if she’s not already achieved that status–if they just let her be herself. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.”

I’m very afraid of what may happen because a year ago you could have said the exact same thing about Bayley.

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No one is ready for Asuka, in the sense that WWE creative have no idea how they’re going to book her. I’m terrified on her behalf.

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RAW’s Women’s division has been poorly handled, so I’m fearful of what they’d do with Asuka now that she’s not in the confines of NXT.

Literally every time a talented person from the indies gets signed to the WWE I get a huge sense of dread because almost every one seems to end up in a series of mediocre to only fine storylines that don’t really seem to go anywhere with the occasional match that is pretty good but soon forgotten. With the Women’s devision being as small as it is hopefully the WWE does the right thing & does book her like a unstoppable force a la young Brock Lesnar.

Honestly whenever a wrestler from the indies or abroad gets signed with the WWE it feels more like a way for them to just keep talent from making a name for another promotion thus taking eyes & money away from their product. Which yea, thats business but business also sucks.

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Here’s the real bummer, and sadly something I think is pretty likely to happen: Rhonda Rousey is coming to the WWE and WWE are going to feed her Asuka to make her look strong. They are going to try and turn her into the female version of Brock Lesnar even though she’s not as good at wrestling as Brock and doesn’t have anywhere near the same pressence. Asuka is effectively going to be jobbing to a rookie.