Watch Us Steal Cool Spaceships in 'Heat Signature'

The new stealth action game by Tom Francis and Suspicious Developments is out today, and we're playing it!

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move over Valkyria Chronicles, there’s a new game that I am going to have to buy basically entirely on Austin and Jack’s recommendation.

Between this and the new Stellaris expansion I think that I am going to have a very space filled weekend.

Austin has talked a bit about the lore behind the different factions but I can’t seem to find any opportunities in the game to get more dialogue that fleshes out the world, other than that one guy who keeps talking about the Foundry. Do you get more lore if you visit different stations? What am I missing?

So I played enough Heat Signature to answer my own question: I met a new NPC when I freed the Glitcher faction’s main space station. Turns out Glitcher culture is… a lot.