Waypoint Community Battle Royale Scrims

Hey y’al

Since some of us enjoy Battle Royale games, I was wondering if folks were interested in organizing scrims.

For those who don’t know what a scrim is, it’s pretty much a way to guarantee that you will be matched in the same lobby as others by initiating matchmaking at the same time. It’s similar to stream sniping, but in this case, everyone has consented to be matched in the same game. Currently I have a Doodle poll for Fortnite, but will make one for Ring of Elysium and PUBG. If folks are interested, I can extend this out to other BR games as well.

Quick Edit: Updated the polls for this week.

Waypoint Scrims - Fortnite

Waypoint Scrims - PUBG

Waypoint Scrims - Ring of Elysium

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