Waypoint Guild Wars 2 Waypoint

Waypoints! Lotta those in this game. Post about Guild Wars 2 in this thread.

I’m still making my way through all of the Heart of Thorns areas, slowly completing them. Have done a bit of living world season 3 though, seems cool so far.

This is my main, Sette. She is much smarter than you and a sassy butthole, like all Asura.

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ohgosh I havne’t played this since 2013

now that there is a thread for this, once I have free time again I should look into an install but that will be june??

Heart of Thorns is neat but its still very much Guild Wars 2, so if you want more of that then go for it. They have done a lot of little improvements as well, stuff like changing around masteries to make them better and easier to use. Also, you can glide now. Once you get to a certain point in HoT, thats just a thing you can do anywhere.

Unfortunately, Guild Wars 2 never really grabbed me. That’s mostly my fault for kind of just wanting more GW1 but for some reason I never stick with it when I pick it up every now and then.

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I haven’t played in about a year only got up to like level 70 and then my friends all quit so I ended up stopping. How is heart of thorns? I loved the base game but never got heart of thorns.

If you liked the base game then you’ll like HoT, it builds on much of the same stuff. Its very much a game that you can play by yourself bar a few things that you don’t necessarily have to do, so if you’d rather do that you can.

I’m considering another dive into GW2. One of my partner’s other girlfriends reinstalled it, and I REALLY liked the fundamental gameplay and PvP. Plus, I talked to someone who actually did some organized WvW and he sorta sold me on finding a decent guild for it.

Been missing that dang ol’ asura engineer of mine

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I used to play a lot of GW1 back in the day and made the move over to 2 in 2014 I think? I love guild wars 2, about as much as I can love any MMO though. What I mean by that is that MMORPGs all fall victim to min maxing and “the right way to play” which makes playing with randos hard for me, I have meet a few really great people through GW2 but more so I meet people that are mad that I’m not playing my class correctly, or that I didn’t have the meta game armor at the time. You know, the kind of stuff that is unavoidable with any of these games. I hate optimization in games and MMORPGs feel like the ultimate platform for that mentality to thrive.

Although after playing lots of GW2 I can’t go back to any other MMO just because the movement and moment to moment feel so good in guild wars 2. There was a bunch of leaked stuff for the next expansion that came out this morning, very very exciting stuff.

I liked HoT a lot though. There were some really fun map events to do, cool story beats, and the new class specs were really interesting. The living story that followed HoT was the best that the story has been in a while, and set up some really cool stuff for the future.

I super enjoy the combat and the world of Guild Wars just because it has been a part of my life since I was like 14. I want to play it more often than I currently do (about once a week) but find myself not being too inspired to launch it. Once the new expansion drops I’ll be there day and date filling out those maps.

Also the Mesmer is like the coolest character design for any RPG ever and I wish more games would just straight lift that shit and drop it into every RPG.

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Part of my disappointment with GW2 was that I felt like the mesmer was so much less cool than in GW1. Playing mesmer in GW1 was some of the most fun I’ve had in video games though, which I guess is probably an unfairly high bar.

I too played Mes in gw1. Loved the super interrupt lock down stuff, punishing other for doing anything basically. It took me a while to warm up to the GW2 version, but after a while I learned to love the clone illusion stuff so much.

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there have been some leaks for the expansion, it looks like it might be located in the crystal desert and all the way down into ya boy palawa jokos house



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damn i might actually get HoT and a second expansion if there’s a cool sounding second expansion

Does anyone know if condition necromancers are in a good shape? I remember them being a bit sluggish and vulnerable when I played last (pre-HoT).

I never played Necro, but the new alternate form for Necros (big ol sword and damage) is pretty well received as far as I can tell.

Aww man that looks cool.

It’s a good thing I don’t have a PC anymore. I don’t have remotely the time to pour into an MMO that I used to.

Hmm, maybe I just need to reconcile myself with necros being more melee than ranged

Last time I played condi necro was the leading build, and I was weird for being power/crit.

There’s viable ranged/non-reaper builds for most of the different areas of the game.

exploring the crystal desert was one of my favorite moments in GW1 so this is tempting indeed

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Does anyone want to add eachother for some friendly fractals/dungeons etc? All the guilds I join are pretty quiet and i’m looking for people to play with!

My in game is Nocturne.8962