Waypoint Radio's Favorite Game of 2020

The time has finally come to put an end to 2020, and as with any end of year extravaganza on a gaming podcast, that means it's GOTY time. Join Austin, Gita, Patrick, Rob, and Ricardo as they discuss the one game they loved this year, the one that stood out over the rest, the one that challenged them to overcome, the one that brought them comfort during this hellish year, or the one that put a mirror to our reality and stood in defiance of it.

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So I fire this podcast up this morning and am unexpectedly joyful at the everyone-cheers/loses-their-shit moment when Rob says Demon Souls is his favorite game of the year. What a fun and surprising exchange of cheer, my first “this is why I really dig Waypoint and these people” instance of 2021. Thanks, all. +1 will keep hanging around.