We Discuss ‘Echo,’ Golf Courses, and Trump’s NFL Tweets on Waypoint Radio

It was going to be a short episode, and then The Question Bucket happened.

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They talked about a lot of games in this one. Anyone catch the name of the fantasy Middle East one? Or some of the earlier ones they talked about?

the fantasy game was Dujanah

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I dig the political discourse here. Keep it up. Don’t let fans Dixie Chicks you!

(Dixie Chicks is a verb, right?)

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On the subject of golf being awful (which it so clearly is in every way) check out Malcom Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History, specifically the episode “A Good Walk Spoiled”. It will really help you crystalize your resentment if the game.

If anyone is going to protest, make sure you wear tow pairs of socks. If for some reason you end up in jail, you can have one pair out for laundry and still wear the other. You don’t want to get foot fungus.

Also, they don’t have to read you rights. They will give you a form to sign during intake.

And the police have mikes in their cars and in the jail cells, so don’t say anything stupid.