We Tip Over The Question Bucket In Waypoint Radio Episode 69

With special guest Tim Barnes!

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apparently I need minimum 15 characters, which is a good rule but in this specific instance is really undercutting my very good and not derivative joke.

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So Austin, the editor in beef of waypoint misses the glorious moment of the waypoint podcasts 69th episode? Sounds like an ancient greek tragedy to me.

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congrats on the :cancer:

only 351 to go until we can giggle again

ah, the weed number


and then it’s a long long humour drought until 80085

Pretty interesting questions. Thanks for this Memorial day podcast.

Uhhmm, dumb question. How do i actually download the podcast now with that new player?

Here ya go.

I pulled that from the RSS feed ( in between the link tags 2 lines below the episode title in the RSS XML)


anyways, tim was a pretty good guest on the podcast, for someone who doesn’t play a lot of video games.