We're Launching a New Rewatch Podcast By Rewatching Every Damn Purge Movie

“You need to return him to us...alive. So we may purge as we’re entitled.”

Waypoint is in the midst of launching several new podcasts, including Currently Untitled Waypoint Rewatch Podcast That You Should Definitely Help Us Name, where we pick a movie or TV series to watch, dissect, and closely read. Given we’re launching this podcast series in October, it only made sense to start with a genre near and dear to my heart: horror.

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Hi folks.

Please name this podcast “Repurgitate”.

Thank you.


Oh, CUWRTYSDHUN has a great ring to it.

P.S. Not listened to the podcast, but the reviews/commentary I’ve heard about the last Purge film make it sound like a trip in terms of how it engages with the implications of its own premise (spoilers for The First Purge I guess?) including specifically textually engaging with the notion of ‘the Purge’ as a fascist tool for ethnic cleansing.

P.P.S. I can’t believe they called the last Purge film The First Purge.

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If there is one thing the internet has taught me, if you say “first”, then you’re first.


Rewatch Point is the only title I can think of right now.

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I have a few suggestions for a name for this podcast: The Rewatch Podcast, Please Be Kind and Rewatch, The Rear View Projector, The Rescreener Show (or maybe Rescreen, The Rescreen, The Rescreening Show, etc.), Big Screen Rewatch, Rewatch Theater, The Rewatch Matinees, Rewatch and Reload, and that is all I can think of at the moment. I hope that this is more helpful.

Thanks for the comments and title ideas! Two quick reminders as people send them in:

  1. It should not include Waypoint in the title. It needs to be something that communciates that it’s a rewatch podcast, but the goal is to bring in new listeners eventually, not just to reach the same audience we already do. So broader, better.

  2. Always make sure to give the web a search before suggesting something. There are LOTS of great names out there… unfortunately, many of them are already in use by other podcasts. And because we have to get any name we use approved by VICE’s lawyers, we need to be sure it’s something not already in use (even something that hasn’t been used for a couple of years can be tricky.)


Hello. I have a question. Will it always be rewatches for you, or will it ever be first time stuff? Or will the first time stuff be reserved to Waypoints? No problems either way.

Also for a name…
Wayfaring with Waypoint. An exploration of cinematic and televised culture to be sent to the discourse zone.

This was a first time for most of us, I think! So def first times too.

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Something having to do with cue marks could be a fun throwback to the origin of Waypoint without using the exact brand, though name ideas are escaping me atm

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Oh man…I guess I actually have to watch these movies now haha. I always thought the premise was interesting, but never actually saw any of them.

As for podcast titles, I’m gravitating toward something with “Rewind” in the name. “The Rewind, Play, Pause(cast)”?

P.S. If y’all haven’t seen the teaser trailer for The First Purge, check it out. Soooooo good lol.

When “nothing is illegal” for a night do people do other crimes or is it just murder? What other crimes would be good to do during purge night? Fraud? Identity theft?

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Podcast Title: Close Examinations of the Film Kind

(Are there touchstones or the like for what the title of the podcast should evoke?)

Hot Popcorn, Cold Takes
Rob Presents: Tactical Movie Recon
DVD: Digital Video Discourse


Title: Old Big Moods


I really enjoyed this first episode despite never seeing any of The Purge films (and now I definitely want to check this one out). I’m excited to see what’s in store for this series – I’d love it if y’all did an episode picking apart Green Room since that’s another thriller/horror film dealing a lot with fascistic ideology.

And for my bad, bad series name suggestion: Way Watch

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That makes sense. Sorry for the wall of text there.

This is a terrible title but I can’t stop thinking about All Along the Watchtower. I’m sorry.

Also I haven’t listened yet but I’m looking forward to this first episode!

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If it was all horror movies I’d go with:

If it’s general re-watching how about:

If it needs to have great SEO:
Spiderman fortnight anime Elsa baby movie sing along

I can’t wait for this!

So for titles:

Sweetie’s Movies
We got a TV, and we have movies?
Rewatches, rewatches, rewatches
OverRe-watch (I just realized that would also sound like Ovary Watch… I’ll submit it anyway)

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Culture Queens
We Welcome Your Attention
The Revisitor
Don’t Believe Me Just Rewatch
The Circle Back
Rewatch Like A Hawk
The Night’s Rewatch
Rectify and Recollect
Why Are We Watching This?
Why Now?
It Must Be Now
The New Curriculum
Crits & Grits
:tv: (the television emoji)
Still Relevant
Extremely Prescient