We're Shinobi Now: A Spoilery Discussion of 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice'

It’s been a little more than a month since the release of the latest FromSoft game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Given how often we reference Souls games already, are you REALLY surprised we dedicated a few hours to a full-on spoilercast with Austin, Patrick, Cado, and Joel? At this point, nearly everyone (good luck Patrick!) has finished the game, which gives us a chance to reflect on the journey, and where Sekiro fits in FromSoftware’s catalog.

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Does anyone know what video they watch at the 42 minute mark?

I’d like to follow along with them but I paused as they started the countdown and they haven’t said the title yet.

I’m pretty sure it’s this video (major ending spoilers, obviously):


omg that story at ~1 hour 40 mark ;_;


I’m not sure how open this thread is for unmarked spoilers but it was funny that Cado and Austin seemed to disagree on whether you get the final esoteric text from Isshin or the Tengu of Ashina not realizing that you can get it from either one because they’re the same person.


Something Austin says off handedly kind of made me realize something that could make a big difference for people between enjoying this game and being frustrated:
He said the final boss is really hard. Like an hour of slowly getting better at it.
That boss took me 6.5 hours. Nearly a full work day. I imagine if I did it in just an hour or two, I would have felt way better about the end of the game.


This game nearly lost me at the True Corrupted Monk. Which took me over two hours until I discovered I could jump off the bridge to dispel the illusions, which got me to phase 3 pretty reliably and then it was just fireworks from there. Props for sticking to the final boss for 6.5, I suspect I might be in a similar boat if I make it that far.

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I didn’t know about the Guardian Ape trick but it fits with my initial idea that a lot of the bosses in this game have an almost Mega Man style weakness to something.

Also I think I had the umbrella prosthetic equipped from the moment I got it until the end of the game.


Anyone got that youtube bloodborne channel they were talking about in this?

I think they were talking about VaatiVidya

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This, but with my grandfather, who came to live with my family when I was a child to alleviate stress on my working parents.

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