What about some very chilled out games of PUBG?



If you’re anything like me then you’re the sort of PUBG who prefers playing in a team (personally I most enjoy duos) to playing solo, and you play with the aim of trying to do as well as you can but you’re also very chilled out about it, and learning as you go and not looking for anything overly intense.

I have someone I play with regularly but they’re not always available, and I’m sure some folks here are like minded about the game. I’ve tried to play the game over the Waypoint Discord and that can be fun too, but there are also some really dedicated players there, and playing at a much lower skill level with them can sometimes feel a bit more intense than I want and it’s not always good to feel like the weak link.

So I thought I’d set this topic up for people who are after casual PUBG games either with me or someone else in this thread and want to source teammates from this lot of new forum pals who so far have been pretty reliably good folks to hang out with.

You can find me on Steam as KestrelPi and same on Discord which is my preferred way of managing the chat side. If you just let me know who you are, I’ll accept invites etc.

To perhaps broaden the topic a little, I’m curious if anyone else struggles in either direction - either to find players who are going to be as chilled out as them, or to find players who are as dedicated as them.


Hey. I definitely find it difficult to find people to play with outside of my few IRL friends who game. I like winning, I like learning and trying to do the best that I can but nothing gets in the way of that fun like someone yelling at you because you did something wrong. We all make mistakes and that’s also how we learn. In a game like PUBG mistakes can lead to tremendous fun and intense moments even if it means you die within the first few minutes of the game.

The other day I was playing duo with a buddy and I dropped on top of a building that had 3 other people on it, My partner landed at the bottom of the building so he couldn’t help me. The smart thing to do would have been to sprint for the stairs and try and meet up with my buddy and get on with it. Unfortunately I decided to instigate a 2 on 1 on 1 punch fest that ended with my hasty demise. It wasn’t a great way to win the game but it was very funny, especially for my partner who had no idea what was going on and could just hear me cursing over Discord.

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I can definitely agree, although my feeling is that the only way to find the next person you just love to play with is to give it a go. Even if you end up in a game which you don’t love, it isn’t a bad thing to say “well, I’ll ride this one out and maybe avoid playing with this person in future”. Gotta go there to come back, right?

I am a fairly mild-mannered player, but I just can’t stand people who backseat game how other people approach things. This happens less in PUBG (since everyone has the same skillset) and more in Overwatch, where “Zarya, can you bubble me before I leap as Winston?” is a question that can very quickly turn into an argument when the answer is “no”.

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Definitely agree with @robowitch, If you’ve got a solid team you always play with in Overwatch you can develop some strategies and you have an idea of how your team plays. If you’re with randos there’s always gonna be an element of chaos to the game. Maybe the Zarya player knows what they’re doing and there’s someone else who needs more support at that moment. Maybe Winston shouldn’t dive at that moment.

PUBG is great because you can get into another round almost immediately when things go sideways. It just isn’t the end of the world.