What Are You Listening To? (September 2023)

Music and podcasts can be something you put on in the background to keep your mind busy during monotonous tasks, or something that demands your total attention. For many of us, they fit in our lives in places where other media may not: while we’re doing dishes, commuting or relaxing after an overstimulating day. But they can also be profound experiences that change the way we see the world or help us understand ourselves better.
So, what’re you listening to?

Use this thread to talk about what you’re listening to at the moment. Podcasts, music, old radio dramas: it’s all fair game here! Whether you’re digging into a new podcast about something that interests you, revisiting a classic album or bumping a game soundtrack you recently added to your work rotation, please, share what you’ve been listening to below.

While posting, please keep in mind the following:

  • Please include content warnings if the media has triggering content that would warrant a warning for particularly sensitive topics.
  • Please use the spoiler tags for any discussion that might spoil the story of a narrative podcast
  • If you would like to talk about any listenable media in depth, feel free to create a topic for it.