What Are You Making? (September 2023)

Enjoy capturing your current scenic view with some watercolors? Like putting the final touches on your self-made cosplay outfit of one of your favorite characters? Are you into 3D printing your own tabletop minis and painting them? Are you really happy with how your garden is coming in this year? Everywhere around us there are things that inspires our creative energy into overdrive. It’s that energy that gets channeled into taking a conceptualization of a project to the feeling of satisfaction over its final form that keeps people coming back for more. So with that said…

Hey folks, what’re you making?

This is a thread for sharing your projects. From drawings to music, writing, crochet, reorganizing your bookshelf — if you’ve worked on something and you’re proud of it, we want to see it!

While posting, please keep in mind the following:

  • Please include content warnings if the media has triggering content that would warrant a warning for particularly sensitive topics.
  • While our Code of Conduct encourages folks not to double-post, we understand that creators might be making content faster than folks can respond. Consequently, double posting is more acceptable here than elsewhere.
  • We ask that you don’t make posts about the things you create as being your first and/or only posts. Please make an effort to be a member of the community and not as someone only interested in self promotion.
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Coming through with another game update, as I spent a decent amount of time today working on it!

Leading with the most substantial change: One of the first skills I added to the game was meant to have a specific interaction if an enemy was guarding. I was able to get it working (and was able to add some more interactions on top of that) but it had an incredibly huge flaw: it just didn’t work in fights with multiple enemies. It hadn’t been an issue since I didn’t start making fights with multiple opponents until a few days ago. Once I did, I told myself I would sit down and try to figure out how to make it work one way or another.

Turns out, I couldn’t! I still can’t quite figure out if it’s the quirks of the engine or my coding illiteracy but I’ve spent hours troubleshooting solutions and none of it got me any closer to solving my problem. I considered messing with the way the game displayed multiple enemies - to have them show up in battles but in such a way where the player can’t actually defeat them - but that seemed a little too restrictive for me.

What I ended up doing was reworking the way this skill (and a few other skills I made) work in the game. This required reproducing their unique interactions in a less intuitive interface (one that’s error-prone and more involved than selecting options from drop-down menus) but I think it’ll be a lot better in the long run. I did end up losing some benefits from the previous method but at least skills actually work the way a normal person would expect them to!

Some other stuff I’ve worked on:

I was taking the trash out earlier and wondered if I could add background music to the game and make it randomly switch between tracks at an interval of my choosing. Soon as I got back inside I ended up figuring out how to do this in like 10 minutes! It’s a little rough at the moment but it’s more or less exactly what I wanted to do.

I’ve also been writing a lot of, for lack of a better term, narrative stuff for the game which includes dialogue and also figuring out the flow of events and the interlocking systems running in the background. It’s gotta be my favorite part of making this thing! Part of it is taking characters I’ve been thinking about in a very vague sense (and often, a strictly mechanical sense) and fleshing out their personalities through dialogue. The other part is figuring out how to implement those mechanical ideas alongside the writing to display aspects of their personalities in a different way. It’s also not at all technically difficult to do, which I appreciate after the major headache I went through today!

I’ve been posting about this project in a very deliberately vague way and I’m hoping the next time I post about it here I can properly show it off a little bit. Which I’d love to do! But I’d also like to have something a bit more playable and little less plain-looking than what I’ve got right now. Still got a lot left to do before it gets there though!


got a new set of 35mm photos online! it’s up here.

georges island from halifax boardwalk

beach, grass, & sky

run-down building