What is a game that everyone loves except for you?

I have tried several times(at least once a year for the past 3-4 years) to get into Burnout Paradise but it just never does it for me. I am a huge Burnout fan in general too! Idk what I am missing that everyone else sees in that game.

I also can’t stand Red Dead Redemption or The Last of Us.


Stardew Valley. It took me 20 hours and 5 restarts until I figured out that those kinda games just arent for me. There was just so much to do and I felt like I was doing none of it right.


I don’t generally like shooters, so I tend to fall off those a lot. Bioshock just fell flat when I felt like I “got the point” after about 2 hours of play.

To be fair, I don’t do myself favours because I’ll often not engage with a gameplay system I’m not interested in, even if it hamstrings me. I’ve been playing Nier Automata and enjoying it, but I’m not really using items or paying attention to what I have equipped, so the final boss of ending A really crushed me and used up all my healing items even though I’m on easy.


I really can’t get into SUPERHOT and I keep feeling like somethings wrong with me.
I really liked the demo but the story turned me so off and something about the combat just got very fiddly and meta, I never felt cool.

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I was really not fussed on DOOM (2016) on a few different levels, which I feel kinda bad about because it feels so universally beloved. On the other hand, I can’t deny that I just didn’t get into it.

Naughty Dog games. Not a one. Bleh.


I’m with you on The Last Of Us. I thought it was pretty generic overall and the story was a boilerplate “Apoclypse with a young the key to the cure.”

Just a friendly mod reminder to keep this thread constructive so this thread doesn’t turn into a lot of fighting about video games.


I forced myself to play through The Last of Us in the hope that either the mechanics, story, or characters would finally click with me. No such luck.

I don’t have the wherewithal to dedicate to the same process; but from my relatively brief time with The Witcher 3, I similarly don’t appreciate what others seem to like about it.

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The Longest Journey.

I think narratively it’s a complete mess, the dialogue is drawn out and tedious to slog through and the puzzles are some of the worst I’ve encountered as a fan of adventure games, just egregious in their multiple sins against adventure game puzzle design.

It was a game that honestly annoyed me on almost every level. But people seem to LOVE that game. I wish I knew what I was missing. I don’t like not liking games!

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I feel the same way. I got to the 4th level and I found that I just was not having any fun.

Resident Evil 4 for me. As someone who hasn’t played any of the 3 first RE titles but LOVED the first 2 dead spaces, this should have been a perfect fit. But NONE of that game was even remotely enjoyable for me. I thought was ugly, boring, repetitive, with clunky movement and a camera that YANKED from position to position had TERRIBLE collision with the environment. The story was stupid, and not in a fun way, none of the ‘humour’ was even remotely funny or clever and that games idea of SCARY moments were downright insulting
Also, fuck the minecart section

It never take a long time before that kind of thread turns into a “How on Earth can people enjoy this thing I don’t!”. Let’s see how it rolls here :smiley:

That being said, even if I like the idea behind Heavy Rain and I’m a huge fan of adventure / choices based games, the way everything is handled by Quantic Dream (from gameplay to writing to tastelessly handling some delicate subjects) rubs me the wrong way. Really didn’t enjoy Indigo & Beyond 2 Souls either. Yet I’m really curious about Detroit (would even say I’m anticipating it, even though I might not buy it in the end).

Of course, the premise of the topic is a bit flawed because it always turns out there are plenty of other people who also don’t like the thing you don’t like (I think this might have even come up in the question bucket once)…

But it can be cathartic once in a while to have a go at popular thing that everyone likes, or it seems that way. As long as we all remember that in the end its okay to like something and it’s okay not to like something :slight_smile:


Every Naughty Dog game.

I’ve played the Uncharted 1-3 collection, The Last of Us and most recently Uncharted 4 (because I just don’t learn I guess). I love how those games look and they have some really good character moments in them but then they turn into below average cover shooters I just can’t get into and the mechanics haven’t really improved form Uncharted 1.

And maybe the biggest one: Half-Life 2

I don’t actively dislike HL2 or anything, it’s just an OK shooter with some physics/vehicle gimmicks thrown in. Maybe it’s because I played it a bit after release but I’ve started it twice and quit in or just after Ravenholm both times. Don’t see it as a classic, unlike HL1, which I love (or at least loved in 1998).

Detroit is going to be good because "the robots are going to be good and the humans are going to be bad, unlike other sci-fi stories"
Oh god. Never change, David Cage. Never change

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Persona 5 has been a huge disappointment to me, & I’ve played (& completed) 1 thru 4 (including both halves of 2), Nocturne, both Digital Devil Sagas, & both Devil Summoner games. I gave up after putting in about 20 hours. Why they limited the ability to save at any time to only outside of the dungeons is beyond me. In a game where resource management is so important, I found it a slap in the face to clear out an area, return to the safe room to save, leave the game, then when I came back to it, the enemies had respawned! They add jumping & maneuvering about, but then give you gimped camera control - why no 360 camera? I don’t know if this continues throughout the game, but in what I played of it, there isn’t one adult who isn’t a complete ass. I kept trying to keep an open mind, but when I was in the classroom after the suicide & the teacher said he felt she got what she deserved for being weak (I’m paraphrasing here) that was the last straw for me, & I quit the game.

The Witness.

I love the art but the gameplay really isn’t my thing. Puzzles without narrative feel kinda empty after a while.


I don’t know if Bioshock Infinite is still seen as a great game by most people or if it’s divisive now but MAN, I hate that game. It had so much potential and it really blew it. A better answer is Red Dead Redemption, since I didn’t like the story at all but everyone else loves it. The multiplayer is fun with friends if you’re just goofing off, though!

I didn’t intend to come in here and add to some sort of Naughty Dog hate pile, but Jak and Daxter.

I loved and still love ND’s Crash Bandicoot games, and am a big fan of platformers in general, but I bounced off of J&D pretty hard.

Probably because I was enjoying Ratchet and Sly so much at the time, I guess.